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As Long as We Remember...

February 5, 2019

Life, Death & Black Face?

Harry M. Covert

Here is some food for thought. A man sits on Texas’ death row for three decades. Last week, he gets the needle. Except for a news story, no national outcry.


Then, the New York governor signs an infanticide bill allowing abortion up to the time of birth. People cheer and want to celebrate.


Virginia’s governor endorses after birth life cessation – murder of a new born = and several other states jump on the bandwagon. Apparently life doesn’t mean much to those people.


As sad as okaying such procedures is, the conduct of “Old Virginny’s” gubenator’s conduct as a medical student 34 years ago gets most of the public attention and threatens his service as 73rd chief executive of the commonwealth.


Ralph Northam, a Democrat, has completed one year at the helm. It has come to light he was pictured in his medical school yearbook in black face with another person in a KKK uniform.


Governor Northam has been excoriated for such conduct. He admitted participation in a Michael Jackson moonwalk impersonation the same year as the yearbook’s publication.


Previous Virginia governors quickly jumped on the bandwagon in the midst of the most boring Super Bowl ever. The only exciting thing of the football show was the dazzling Gladys Knight rendition of our National Anthem.


Texas and lots of states are habitually keeping the condemned for years and years before carrying out executions. An atrocity in itself. Time to reconsider capital punishment.


Executing a newborn is a crime no matter how politicians of all sorts describe it. Isn’t life precious these days? Truly, it is heartbreaking to follow the latest legalizing of child-killing.


The day of minstrel shows is over. It should be. I suspect similar school days situations have occurred among “innocent” young girls and boys. They may have been seen as funny years ago but not today in anyway shape or form.


When Dr. Northam was Virginia’s 40th lieutenant governor, and then candidate for governor, what happened to investigative reporters and political researchers?


The answer? It is easily understood. The business of racial conflict and sexual conduct had not reached today’s heated debates.


In no way am I excusing the black face and Klan pictures. Whether or not Northam succumbs to the mounting political pressure, his influence and leadership is demeaned.


His troubles are enhanced by Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax of Annandale, Virginia, waiting in the wings if and when Governor Northam quit, who would then be the first ever to resign.


Mr. Fairfax is a Pittsburgh native, and would be the second African American to hold the office. Lawrence Douglas Wilder was first. Mr. Fairfax has had some mudslinging fired at him in the past few days. He denies the accusations.


I might as well note that ex-governors Wilder, Terry McAuliffe, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, and other politicians, have called for him to resign.


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