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As Long as We Remember...

January 31, 2019

Spooking the Populace

Harry M. Covert

Drug pushers, anti-Semitism, atheistic growth in Congress, no respect for national symbols, growing ill manners in public schools, general mayhem and growing disregard of law and enforcers.


Now, the above listing should be of grave concern throughout the land. The incredible things mentioned leave many more threats gaining acceptance.


Being offended has become the order of the day, no matter how silly and dumb. All the topics noted above are alarming, monstrous and totally spooking the populace.


When are responsible, caring Americans going to stand up and speak out? I have written that we are living in the “land of milk and honey.” What a surprise to receive notes I was living in la-la land. Astonishing, for certain.


Slowly, but surely, the illegal drug business has crept into social acceptance en masse. Without apology the pot pushers are winning. Even though the sale remains illegal, Baltimore’s state’s attorney has announced she will not prosecute sellers of hashish or cannabis. She also wants some 5,000 convictions overturned. How long before cocaine, heroin and other similar drugs are accepted? Is anyone concerned? No patronizing, please.


One state’s attorney, J. Charlie Smith of Frederick County, Maryland, is a bonafide law and order public servant. “I’m not a one-person legislature. The law is on the books and I shall enforce it.” Amen!


Gentle readers, where is the shock and dismay over the constant growth of anti-Semitism and hate of Christianity and believers? This conduct is well underway in the House of Representatives by new members.


In case you have not noticed, three Islamists are making spectacles of themselves and insulting Americans. They make no excuses for their hate of Jews and the State of Israel. Another elected is proud of her position, a bisexual atheist, who refused to take an oath on the Bible. Cute, huh?


Plus, the idiotic movement also has introduced an effort to remove “so help me God” from oaths. Where are the snake handlers?


We have gone through the growing disrespect for the National Anthem. Of course, it is permitted as a constitutional right.


Have you been following all the public school bad conduct, increasing suspensions of misbehaving students? One Frederick County teacher was struck numerous times by a student without any severe penalty. And the story from statistics shows the vast majority of the perpetrators were minorities. A fifth grader hit the teacher. She should have belted the “sweet” little brat.


The ongoing hate for our constitutionally-elected President Donald Trump keeps growing among socialists, Marxists, extremist liberals, infidels, pagans, one-world promoters, ne’er-do-wells and others determined to destroy the country. Shame on them all.


While the abominable voices on cable networks are leading the way, how in the name of all that’s Holy can life lovers accept New York’s law allowing full term baby abortions? Plainly murder!


Amid all this are constant shootings and murders of law enforcers — police officers, sheriff’s deputies. Somehow the news misses these events. I am always happy when the officers shoot back and hit their criminal attackers.


Why should the incompetents and haters receive all free publicity and earn seats in Congress? I’m offended by the destroyers who dislike everything that is good. How sickening it has become to see ignoramuses portraying themselves as normal wanting to make laws.


I hear the voices, “everybody has a right to their own opinions.” Yes, even when they are wrong.


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