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As Long as We Remember...

January 28, 2019

Flirting With Socialism

Jason Miller

Maryland's new socialist party been certified. Why? It's very simple. Many of the latest statistics are now showing a Maryland labor market that has not fully recovered to pre-recession levels of income.


The financial crisis caused a contracted labor market. The entire country saw many of the bread and butter, middle class jobs disappear almost overnight as business began purging non-essential personnel.


Local minimum wage jobs that were once held by teenagers are now increasingly being held by the middle aged and senior citizens. This is very coincidental with the growing demands for a living wage from within the fast food industry, the big box stores, and the supply chain that supplies retail stores, and the retail stores themselves.


The result of the latest living wage outcries have led to efforts made by business to replace human labor altogether within minimum wage based labor segments. Think about the latest trend in kiosks on display at McDonalds. Grocery and retail stores now have stations where you scan your own items faster than waiting in line.


Today's 21st Century's labor market is still trying to find an equilibrium as a large unaccounted for labor pool enters into the workforce. No, it is not illegal immigration; but that plays a factor. The real reason for socialisms popularity is an increase in technology-based automation efforts at the lowest levels of employment.


The truth is that socialism is the cost of the items you are checking out in the self-checkout line. The prices in the store have not been lowered in any meaningful way. That's right, for about five to eight minutes on average; you the customer are working free of charge at the places you shop. This latest activity keeps prices low and stable.


Enter the new socialist "Bread and Roses Party” right here in Maryland. This week, Fox News devoted some of its national reporting to Maryland's newest certified political party. This is a harbinger of bad things to come if you love Maryland.


The socialist fringe in Maryland has solidified itself as a certified socialist party in our state. These leftist want to run candidates who are willing to run up state deficits in order to promise free everything to ensure a socialist majority in the state's legislative branch of government in the states next two election cycles.


The Bread and Roses Party was founded by a socialist professor employed at the University of Maryland. The certification now allows this group to put up candidates for local, state and national elections.


The cold hard truth about socialisms rise in America, and in particularly Maryland, is in large part due to the steady stagnation of wages generally, and an increased automation that has replaced many human beings in the skilled and unskilled labor market.


Karl Marx actually predicted this exact circumstance in his book Das Kapital. I wish more cable news pundits had read Marx. They could have called attention to the labor issue in 2010 when neo-socialism started to gain traction among college students. The labor market is shrinking as more of these socialist-leaning college educated young Americans enter into a labor market.


If the current trend holds true, Maryland's flirtation with socialism will be a full-blown love affair.


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