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As Long as We Remember...

January 21, 2019

The Kingdom of Frederick

Jason Miller

The loyal obedient consent to County Executive Jan The First was on full display this past week as Dr. Lois Jarman was appointed to the nonpartisan Frederick County Board of Education by the Frederick County Council in a vote of 5 to 2.


This vote dutifully neutered any prospect one might have hoped for in the separation of powers within Frederick County's Charter Government.


The destructive, vicious, negative nature of Dr. Jarman's comments during her state delegate race echoed her extremist, far leftist viewpoint. This absolute fact had little effect on a county council majority, who had already received its marching orders from the crown. Dr. Jarman was to be approved no matter the cost to the County Council's dignity.


When Dr. Jarman's decisive November defeat in this past election is rationally taken into account, it shows her need for such an appointment. Her extreme partisan views have always been rejected by a majority of Frederick County voters. Only in the court of progressive elites is defeat rewarded so handsomely. Dr. Jarman is now shackled to a perceived illegitimate process that finds her the beneficiary of a political reward.


The progressive circles of Democrat stalwarts bent on the Dr. Jarman's conservative blood feud were no doubt rejoicing as the echo chamber vote made the sinister backchannel political deal official.


The fringe left in Frederick County would have many believe that the condescending fingers being waved from their drafty self-righteous ivory towers are simply to demand tolerant behavior from the conservative right. Dr. Jarman’s social media remarks and reluctance to partake of a public hearing show otherwise.


This action shows the Frederick County left's complete and utter indifference to the views of anyone not in their camp that only their views are right and proper and those who feel differently should be made to shut their mouths. The honest wish of some progressives is the destruction of any opposition they might face.


The Frederick County Council had a rubber stamp moment that is seldom seen outside of the bureaucratic case studies from Banana Republics. Make no mistake, this was a vote to approve the county executive's private partisan patronage. The slightest conservative opposition to the day-to-day operations of our county schools has now been removed from the Board of Education.


The common sense purpose of a separate legislative body is to ensure that a county government does not turn into little more than a partisan echo chamber whose origins hale from the county executive's most loyal court attendants.


That very loss of Independent identity is the most sublime failure of our County Council during this partisan rubber stamp affair. To see the excuses pile up about the flawed Gardner selection process while council members voted for Dr. Jarman anyway was depressing for anyone rooting for good government.


In a rare display of political discomfort, Council President M.C. Keegan Ayer looked down from her chair at the dais as she attempted to justify the entire vote as being part of the selection process thrust upon them by the county executive. She then went on to describe how the county executive had reached out to the County Council for an unnecessary approval of her selection due to Ms. Gardner’s personal charity and kindness.


In a further display of playacting, the council president made a laughable attempt to reassure the citizens that the council would do better next time because the process was so flawed this time around and now they know what parts of the process to fix. Council Members Jerry Donald, Kai Hagan, and Jessica Fitzwater all bobbed their heads in clockwork agreement as if to declare in one clarion voice the council's uselessness in being a second branch of county government.


Our Frederick County Council now teeters on illegitimacy if it cannot find its own voice. From this moment on, we will likely see our County Council coerced by the threat of county executive fiat as it was displayed last Tuesday.


It has served the Crown well to have such feudal loyalty in the control of the county legislative process.


Such is life in the Kingdom of Frederick.


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