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As Long as We Remember...

January 16, 2019

So Much for Civility

Jason Miller

DACA students should be taught that President Donald Trump is evil! Conservatives candidates for the Frederick County Board of Education are a venereal disease that must be nipped in the bud!


These are the Trump deranged thoughts of legendary Democrat and partisan zealot Dr. Lois Jarman. She is now the predetermined appointee to the Frederick Board of Education. Hurray for progressive civility!


Dr. Jarman has a doctorate in the field of education, but that is irrelevant to the unstable partisan character of a Democrat loyalist bent on personal partisan advancement. She has publically stated she doesn't mind if children of all ages are indoctrinated into her own personal progressive beliefs.


Sadly our county executive, who also wears the larger hat of progressive boss, is in lock step. Sadder still has been the local Republican Party's attempt to thwart such efforts at rigging such an appointment to a nonpartisan office.


The appointment of Lois Jarman to the Frederick County Board of Education by County Executive Jan Gardner will be the latest example of string of Democrat victories here locally to increase the partisan hold on the traditionally nonpartisan Board of Education. Sadly, some Republicans at the state and local levels are either oblivious to – or in complete denial toward – the facts that are starring all of them in the face. Nonpartisan races are partisan now in Frederick County.


The display of Frederick County progressives in a united front over the last week has been a sight to see. As the county's Republican Party recovers from a string of multi-cycle election routs – including its last attempt at relevance this past November, this news of another progressive advance seems par for the course in a Frederick County that is quickly starting to resemble its neighboring county to the south.


Many local conservatives bemoaned Lois Jarman as the selection to fill the vacancy on the Board of Education left by now Delegate Ken Kerr. To the rank and file, it was enough to make even a circus clown depressed. Such is the result in the Hogan-styled circus that is now Frederick County's GOP.


Only in this most current of environments could there have been so few traditionally conservative voices standing up against the bonafide and proud progressive voices who skillfully defended the Jarmon appointment, as if it were some sort of nonpartisan best practice ordained in the tomes progressive prophecy penned years before the current vacancy.


Those conservative voices, like County Councilman Phil Dacey, that did make attempts to draw attention to the latest appointment, got little more than moral support on WFMD and social media from a Republican Central Committee whose sole purpose for existence is to get Republican candidates elected. Not one member of the Republican Central Committee showed up to the County Council work shop to offer testimony in support of Councilman Dacey on the flawed process used to select Jarman.


Any meaningful offer of help to would be conservative efforts to influence nonpartisan elections, like the one that got Lois Jarman the progressive partisan Democrat rubber stamp, is strictly taboo. This has been the historical policy of the local and state Republican Party. A sad but true statement.


It is telling that after multiple behind the scenes submitted applications (I've heard there more than 20) and multiple closed door interviews (I've heard there were more than six) that only the most hateful sounding, bipartisan rejecting, conservative loathing candidates was seen by our county executive as the best Frederick County could do for a traditionally nonpartisan appointment.


The farcical appointment selection was made even as a majority of the County Council's serving Democrats and Republicans agreed in their own words that the process used by the county executive for this appointment elected office was flawed from the start.


In a feat of political aerobatics progressive leaning council members went on to then say that their bipartisan loving hands were tied due to some flawed notion of bureaucratic authoritarian power stemming from the Frederick county executive.


I'm sure the words of that excuse caused much laughter and merriment from within the throne room where our glorious and infallible county executive benevolently presides above us all. It's reassuring to see that our County Council Democrats begrudgingly use any process that pleases the crown.


Election votes cast, and campaign races ran, account for little to nothing for a county executive bent on a Board of Education dedicated to the hyper-partisan goal of Anti-Trump propaganda and Anti-Conservative curriculum being taught to children in the Frederick County Public Schools. Conservative parents should be readying themselves for the worst their children will be taught.


Let us remember that a local member of the Frederick County Democrat Central Committee and school teacher named Josh Cramer drew national attention by throwing a temper tantrum when one of his students entered his classroom with clothing that had President Trump's name on it. His requirement to have that student remove the offending articles of clothing send shock throughout the community and should have been an early harbinger of the Jarmon appointment.


So much for nonpartisan civility in local public education.


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