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As Long as We Remember...

January 15, 2019

Reprieve from Dirty-talkers

Harry M. Covert

What could be better, snow arrives hereabouts, most of the Congress is living it up in Puerto Rico, the federal guv’ment is on hiatus, thankfully, and us animal lovers took to the Internet for a reprieve from the dirty-talkers newly making hay for themselves.


Of course there’s the representative from Iowa who’s got himself in a mess talking about white supremacy. This is more than an “oops” situation.


Now the newcomers to the ruling class, several “cussing” women are not being considered for censure for their profanity-laced comments referring to the president as an “em-effer.” Of course, it has become extremely popular for liberal politicos, in and out, and celebrity figures to make “em-effer” acceptable in the public script.


Actually the time is present to halt the nasty talk even though language is changing. Dare any linguists speak out against the irreverent tête-à-têtes? Must be prudes or deplorables offended.


How pleasant it was to enjoy the weekend watching the white stuff fall and neighbors shoveling sidewalks, even while tiny flakes softly dropped.


It was fun seeing border collies learn to herd sheep. The instructor could tell that a four-month-old puppy was unafraid of the ewes. And the young dog quickly got the knack of moving the sheep around. Sheep are followers, even the rams.


My education increased seeing the weaning process of several hundred eight-week-old lambs.


Another story showed four collies herding ducks around a theme park. It was quite enjoyable. The ducks were obedient, moving up and down slides, into pens at the dogs’ direction.


Other asides included the birthing of piglets, 10 at a time, then 13 beautiful tan Labrador retrievers healthy and happy.


As I was preparing to glance at the latest news, the teevee veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol, of Michigan, was called to castrate the little piglets. Then he neutered some bulls, gelded several horses. Some goats were altered, too.


It was a rather interesting and educational weekend. So, now, it is clearly obvious the national political scene can be compared to dealing with animals who are not dumb.


The business of hating the president has become an industry. Yes, the defeateds are committed to neutering him. Sometime the cows, horses, llamas and alpacas may break away from the vet trying to help them. The doctor knows best.


On the current political imbroglio, Dr. Trump is working to clean up the ills of previous days. He is determined to give the border an enema and cure the diseases of drugs, crime and a legion of other things.


It is fun, too, for us animal lovers to keep watching those who want to invade higher office. The list is totally weak. They want to make the nation third world. I will not give the hopefuls space here today. They are all looney tunes, my apologies to Warner Brothers.


Now back to the melting snow. The sun is shining and slowly but surely the sidewalk is almost usable.


In a few weeks, the impasse will be gone. Maybe, just hopefully, the House of Representatives will either cry uncle or “Yes, Mr. President.”


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