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As Long as We Remember...

January 3, 2019

Peculiar, Proper, Normal

Harry M. Covert

Here we go, off to the fun and games of the next 12 months. Today there remains a few leftovers to address before jumping into some newbies.


Astonishingly, popular high school sports appear to be taking on some rather peculiar events, abnormal for sure with traditionalists rather quiet, probably out of fear of societal retribution of the modern ill-thinking.


Where am I proceeding in the early days of the month? Recently in Texas, where prep sports are extremely popular, a high school boy, called a transgender female, wins the state’s girls’ second straight championship. What?


In New Jersey, a state certified male referee, forces a boy wrestler to cut his dreadlocks (his hair) before competing in a tournament. That had nothing to do with his grappling ability.


There are other oddball activities getting constant attention on high school, collegiate and professional sporting levels.


To longtime spectators, athletes and coaches of past times, the current activities are anathema to the joys of athletic competition.


Acceptance of such participants appears to be gaining ground, but is solidly wrong. No matter what proponents of transgender lifestyles want, allowing boys or men to compete against girls or women in any sport is wrong. Primarily the mere physicality between the sexes is the obvious.


Without delineating all of the various sports, maybe marble shooting, ping pong, or golfing or even tennis are a better fix for boys who want to be girls and girls who consider themselves of the manly persuasion.


Most major sporting games usually have mixed events which makes more sense.


The Texas wrestling situation is downright terrible. The New Jersey official who dared force the hair cutting is nothing short of hateful and bigoted.


Then, there is the transgender Miss Universe winner in Spain. There is no way to describe this other than a freak show.


All of the above mentioned conduct is a mockery to good living and athletic prowess. When a boy or man wins a girls or women's event, the latter is not a female match.


In this day and time the majority of either sex wince and disavow championships when a born boy wins a born girl’s title. Such tripe and silliness has invaded convention and normalcy and everyday pitter patter.


I reject any philosophical arguments or battles over “what is proper, what is normal.” Most know exactly what I am discussing.


Those officials in the guise of administrators, school boards, social deciders, or politicians, who approve such unorthodox lifestyles, are responsible for the current state of discombobulation.


Society must do better. Plus, everybody can. Let us talk about the real battle of the sexes.


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