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As Long as We Remember...

January 1, 2019

Happy Days on the Horizon?

Harry M. Covert

Greetings and salutations on this first day of 2019. Most certainly, esteemed readers have celebrated enough and maybe today trying to let the tune “Auld Lang Syne” slink away peacefully.


It is a lovely lyric penned by Scottish poet Robert Burns in 1788 meaning “times go by.” Recent studies indicate the vast majority of celebrants around the world do not know the words. That is okay.


There is no point recalling all of the words here on January “wonth” as some old-time wits used to say.


Also, there is no need to spoil this terrific holiday with commentary on the controversies surrounding the nation and the world. We have had enough.


A moratorium is proper for a while. We can reflect on so many things of the past 365 days. At the moment, let the historians in the ivory towers go to work. Hopefully the omniscients will not rewrite or embellish events to their opinions and prejudices and stick to the real and true events.


Today is the time for renewal, refreshment for the new days on the horizon. Consider all of the opportunities waving in the wind.


At this new beginning, many like to make resolutions. Sure a good idea. How to change old habits? Always a difficult decision. Personal resolve is powerful. I pledge to read more books and elucidate better and regularly.


Anticipation is at high peak around the good ole USofA that rules, regulations, law and order and political upheavals will destroy the Land of the Free.


In all honesty, the political battles, and they are destructive combats, may turn worse as that year 2020 creeps closer.


On the positive side of the home front, there will continue some ideological confrontations that may appear to ruin the nation. Raging over incredible differences could well get worse, but, somehow as indicative of the nation’s history, good people will win out.


Writing columns at this time for years is always uplifting. No matter how word merchants describe events, prognosticators somehow always seem to miss their marks. Who knows the future? It is always a guessing game, just like all varieties of gambling games.


Usually, odds makers have the edge in predictions, especially for sporting events.


What is ahead for the good people? Forgive this cliché, the sun will still be rising in the east, setting in the west.


Everybody loves the thought they are seers. The word for these diviners is thaumaturgist, a worker of wonders and performer of miracles; a magician.


Anyway, best wishes in the New Year. The days to come will be filled with all sorts of things. That is for certain. And, no kidding, “happy days are here again.”


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