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As Long as We Remember...

December 20, 2018

Wags Keep Chomping at the Bit

Harry M. Covert

To hear it from some frenzied yappers on the national political scene, the end is near. An apocalypse is on the horizon before the holidays, that’s Christmastime for real and true Americans. Let me explain.


In recent days all kinds of alleged insider leaks are flowing that No. 45, with tail between his legs, will give up and quit making “America Great Again.”


It is rather difficult to accept these bleatings. There are 685 days as of this writing until the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election. Can you stand the anticipation?


With a new House of Representatives chomping at the bit, the wags keep saying “the end is near.” And, “the noose is tightening.” Oh my. Won’t it be thrilling to see the end of the world, to watch the sky falling with all the Chicken Littles? The doomsdayers will be better off visiting Burger King and Kentucky Fried for their Chicken Littles.


I digress.


Yesterday, history lovers recalled the 20th anniversary of President Bill Clinton’s impeachment by the House. Didn't amount to a hill of beans. I hate to spoil it for the troglodytes, but all the “wise” gals and guys must remember there’s a big difference between honest-to-goodness truth and wishful thinking.


Maybe a new version of “Crime and Punishment” will hit the public. Before that though, there’s “many a slip between the cup and the lip.”


There’s no question the country is divided. The haters still stand astounded that a political novice and newcomer socked it to the old girls and boys insider club. How could the outsider disembowel the club? Actually, it was easy.


The peoples (sic) called on term limits. The screeching losers of 2016 are pulling out all of the stops instead of learning about the citizenry. The latter read and write and pay attention. In today’s world they are not lambs being led to slaughter.


All the new breed of national electees had better straighten up, cut out their make believe, and listen to the people and not the nitwits. It is rather silly to listen to so-called witches who are offended by The President using the “witch hunt” term describing the ongoing investigation by a special prosecutor. The hex is on them.


How has society reached the point of giving the slightest bit of attention to such nut cases? It’s alright to be nutty, but be real. I’m only referencing the coven denizens because they are part of the strange goofs being offended in some way or another.


It’s rather dumb to battle over girls and boys lavatories; over biological genders. There are girls and boys. Period.


Back to the changing congressional seats.


No president in the history of the country has endured such personal assaults as the current commander-in-chief.


He hasn’t asked my advice. But, if he does call from Mar-a-Lago, I’ll suggest several things.


Since he’s the constant target, don’t wait another second, fire the special counsel; then the deputy attorney general; don’t allow new speaker-hopeful use of an USAF jet to flit about willy nilly; immediately pardon the army major who killed an Afghanistan bomb maker and throw in the perk for General Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort; close down useless daily media conferences; declare martial law in Chicago, Baltimore and all of the state of California; withdraw American military from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; cutoff U.S. funding to all Middle East countries who love to fight; and close the federal government for a month.


The past two years have been a nightmare for the nation. It’s time to stop the plague.


As usual, the predictors of President Donald Trump abdicating are foolish. The House may try to remove him, but that’s only an effort to hornswoggle the innocent.


Another item, Mr. President, keep your salary. The Congress keeps their pay. They been on the dole long enough. It won’t stop.


Rest assured, the world isn’t coming to an end any time soon either, despite the charlatan weather gurus.


Since you are a political outsider, Mr. DJT, I leave you with Will Rogers: “Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock.”



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