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As Long as We Remember...

December 21, 2018

A “Better” America?

Patricia A. Kelly

A couple of interesting items appeared this week in the Frederick News-Post. The first was the story from 100 years ago of the champion girl farmer of Maryland, Miss Marie L. Grason, daughter of State Senator Charles S. Grason of St. Mary’s County.


Miss Grason, a very attractive young woman, farmed from choice, not necessity, and made $1,000 from her tomato crop. She raised her vegetables on a portion of her father’s estate, which had been allotted her. She drove the reaper, harvested the wheat, cut the hay and was never more at home than when driving a sulky plow or helping to loft hay.




Next was a letter from Antonio Bowen, a self-described millennial, entitled “It’s Our Turn to Fight for a Better America.” In the letter, he exhorted millennials to remain involved in politics, even if disappointed with recent election outcomes. He spoke of looking to the future with renewed determination.


His letter was quite moving, but one sentence, “We must govern with the intention to provide for and protect all American,” left me with questions.


As far as I know, there is nothing in our founding documents suggesting the government should provide for all of us, no matter how nice and caring the idea appears at first glance.


What our founding documents promised was creation of a safe and free environment wherein we could provide for ourselves.  We were to have the opportunity to create the lives we chose, to express our views, to practice our religion, to vote, to earn money, etc.


How would having the government provide for everyone actually look in real life?


Liberals, progressives, radical revolutionaries, or whatever you wish to call them, spend a lot of time demonizing the Unite States we know, a country with free elections, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to own property, legal freedom from discrimination, and the right to take up arms to defend ourselves against an oppressive government, to name a few.


Compared to the vast majority of the world’s countries, what’s to demonize?


And what kind of country, or society, would take the place of the one we have now? I’ve never heard a progressive specifically address this.


After American society as we know it is destroyed, which seems to be the plan, what would take its place?


Would having the government providing for all of us include education, health care, housing, utilities and a baseline income for everyone?


In order to be fair, would we each have the same amount of space for living, the same amount of clothing, the same type of food, the same salary?


It would seem every race, nationality, gender choice and all religions - except old-fashioned Christian ones – would be universally accepted. Men and women, and all chosen genders, would be absolutely equal.


I’m not sure how people would ever respectfully indicate to each other that they felt physical attraction, but maybe I don’t have much imagination. Perhaps if we all dressed alike in gender neutral clothing, no one would be able to tell who was having sex with whom. That might minimize offense to anyone, not to mention reducing the cost of the government provided clothing allowance.


Those of us who were able bodied would work, happily contributing to the money to be shared by all, according to their need. Of course, those running things might need a little extra, but they do need to dress and travel for special events they attend while representing us.


We could try what they did in Moscow many years ago – central heating and water, including hot water plants that provided heat and water to surrounding buildings. You should visit there and see how it worked.


It seems only fair, with the government paying for everything, that we should all live in space allotted according to the number of people in our families. Why should one person have more space than another, even babies? We wouldn’t want to be infantophobic, after all.


I’m sure Mr. Bowen, and many other well-intentioned and idealistic people, would like to see everyone cared for by the government, and I respect their caring.


As for their leaders and teachers, I wonder if anyone out to destroy the United States we know, and to demonize everything and everyone from our institutions to our Founders, are interested in destruction or in creation of a better society.


Let’s ask them what life would be like if they got what they are after.


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