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As Long as We Remember...

December 18, 2018

A Timeout Not So Bad

Harry M. Covert

We have a grab bag of items on today’s agenda. One will suffice. At this juncture eyes and ears can hardly wait for the looming federal government shutdown.


No attempt is needed to cause panic among all of us good people. If that occurs, it’s a terrific Christmas present. Maybe, just maybe, a shutdown would be proper for teevee networks and cable propaganda outlets.


Don’t say it. The girls and boys babbling have the constitutional right to stir up the populace, creating widespread havoc throughout the land, right or wrong.


The good thing would be a quiet time heading to Christmas. We can find all the news fit to read in our local newspapers. Reading is quite an asset, too, one and all. Lots of good books to enjoy.


Imagine how well the nation would survive if things got quiet? It will.


If the federal lights go out, offices close, will all the investigations be curbed? No. The leaks will increase from the insiders. The printed pages will benefit greatly. That wouldn’t be so bad.


The solution to Donald Trump’s wall is easy south of the border “down Mexico way.”


The quick and simple answer to stalling invaders is by electrifying fences.


Think about it. From the bottom to the top, a little jolt from Mr. Benjamin Franklin’s kite-flying invention. That would save lots of dollars. The voltage could be increased if any managed a further climb. This proposal isn’t cruel but practical.


The border patrol can easily put up signs alerting the pre-illegals before they become criminals.


The intended shock treatments could be legal and proper by an executive order. Electric walls versus electric chairs.


I’m knocking myself, I know. Seriously people, the country needs a rest. The incessant drumbeat for changing history isn’t going to stop.


A moratorium would be nice, especially during the Advent season.


A government shutdown won’t be so bad. Services won’t end. Taxes will still be collected – one way or the other. The booming economy will still buoyant.


For the moment, other items in the grab bag can wait.


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