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As Long as We Remember...

December 13, 2018

Donít Deny Joys of The Season

Harry M. Covert

In this season of joy, gifts and all sorts of good things, it’s disgusting that ne’er-do-wells, and generally goofballs, enjoy publicity for their cockamamie intentions to ruin the holidays for everybody.


These slaggards are merely nincompoops wanting momentary notoriety.


Now, I don’t care if these troublemakers believe in Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Father Divine. The majority should stand up and tell ‘em to shut up.


Christmas holidays are important to enjoy, singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and Silent Night, and all the other wonderful carols. Joy to the World is also a good one.


It’s rather tiring and obnoxious to listen to those who want to silence the fun for all the children and mommas and daddies. And those pimple heads decrying Christmas-named events in public schools and before political events.


Public officials spend too much time trying not to offend one or two people of the overall thousands and thousands. Christmas, Easter and all the traditional celebrations are perfectly sound.


It is delightful that First Lady Melania Trump decorated the White House with beautiful trees. Poinsettias are lovely everywhere. Great example.


Then there is that stupid public school teacher who told her students there’s no Santa, Easter bunny and a bunch of other idiocies. She was canned, thankfully. Should have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.


Then there was the New England priest who placed the Baby Jesus in a cage. He was making a political statement. If he isn’t defrocked or stripped of churchly leadership, something is wrong in his diocese. He apparently doesn't know the Gospel story.


Further, a New York Times columnist detailed that paganism is leading the way from Christianity in the USA. That’s nothing new. The creeping idolatry has been slithering blatantly into our lifestyle for quite some time. Yes, I am inferring the heathens out there are snakes, or deadly asps.


So many of those who like to be called progressives aren’t innovators or reformers. They are Marxists for all practical purposes out to destroy all that is blessed, happy and fun.


“Karl Marx was communism's most zealous intellectual advocate” as simply described in the Economic Library. We don’t need this in our country.


How long will Americans put up with such claptrap? It seems the general society has become numb to the invasion of those crawling insects. They can only be described as cockroaches, people, who have never enjoyed growing up and dislike that other friends and neighbors are happy, buoyant and jocular just because there’s another day.


The spirit of the season calls for widespread fun and games. To be forthright and plainspoken, this is not the time to listen or care about the “regressives.”


Sing those carols, watch for Santa Claus and his Reindeer, drink you egg nog and enjoy the candy canes. Plus, open the presents under the tree. Don’t let the misanthropes, or skeptics, spoil the Yuletide.


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