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As Long as We Remember...

December 12, 2018

Identity Politics and Education

Cindy A. Rose

As most of us know, Democrats are currently hyper concerned with identity over substance. The recent Frederick County Board of Education election gave them their opportunity to prove what a winning formula that is.


On December 5, 2018, sworn in to the board were a black man, an old white female, an old white male and a gay white female. They will join two old white men and an Asian female. All progressive liberals. The demographic unrepresented is still the majority in Frederick County, the conservative.


Every current member is a big government, union supporting, progressive liberal focused on identity driven, politicized America.


According to Democrats, that is the recipe for success.


The Progressive “Dream Team” is going to solve every problem facing Frederick County Public Schools. Low morale, record numbers of anxiety-ridden students and staff, over testing, low test scores, overcrowding, the bullying and opioid epidemics, and lack of school funding (whatever that means). Our retirees will finally get their pension monies put back in the budget. We will finally be able to retain and attract qualified teachers, bus drivers and aides.


They’ll focus on the important things in America by adopting more policies and curriculum to usher in more identity-driven curriculum. They’ll focus on systemic racism, tribalism, sexism, toxic masculinity, the patriarchy, gender identity, the evils of being Americans, and a host of all sorts of progressive ideas bound to create a young person ready to go forth in society and carry on the liberal’s dream.


Yes, I’m cynical. I’ve watched public education move from classical liberal teaching to politically driven crap that has nothing to do with setting a child up for success. I’ve watched public education turn children, hopeful about tomorrow, into anxiety ridden, angry, frighten children who only see road blocks built of victimhood. We teach victimization and dependence on government.


I fear for the young people whose math scores suffer, whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals aren’t being met, who is on their third year of being bullied by the same child, who can’t use the school bathroom because it’s been locked down for “safety” reasons (a/k/a drug deals and consensual sex acts).


I’m fearful when we move from offering a cornucopia of new experiences to being laser-focused on training up a workforce. LYNX (Linking Youth to New eXperiences) is workforce training. We’ve given up on “educating” these particular children. Our children are seen as drivers of an economy, not dreamers and entrepreneurs. Public education isn’t looking to inspire the next Bill Gates. It’s pigeon-holing the next Joe the Plumber.


Although the new school board is visually diverse, there isn’t a diverse thought among them. They are as homogenized as it gets. I fear the next four years will bring a chorus of bobble heads nodding in unison.


I hope I’m wrong. I pray, I’m wrong. I want to believe the next four years will bring our students and staff some much needed uplifting in morale and refocus on “academics” over “identity.”


Our last chance for conservative representation on the BOE might happen when one of the old white men resigns to take another elected position. Our current county executive will have the opportunity to fill that vacancy. Will she fill it with another bobble head?


Hold on to your hats, grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage, sit back and watch how it’s done.


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