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As Long as We Remember...

December 11, 2018

Mixing Church and Politics

Harry M. Covert

Well, now, the original plan was to expound on the recurring miasma of mayhem surrounding the raging political kerfuffle. First, there are some leftovers worth recalling from the George H. W. Bush funeral.


Admittedly I’m an anglophile although I love historical events at Yorktown some years gone. I missed any mention or photos of His Royal Highness (HRH) Charles, Prince of Wales, on our tellys, that’s English slang for our teevees.


Our video presenters were busy straining at Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Trump, looking for weaknesses in their compatibility with seat mates.


Finally, I located a photo of the 70-year-old representing his 92-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II. He brought along a nice condolence note from Her Majesty. The Bush entourage was grateful. Maybe I should have switched to the BBC, England’s broadcast savants.


Since the solemn occasion, the Trumps, as usual, were treated with disdain. Why not? It’s been the order of each and every day since Jan. 20, 2017. They were seated on the first row with the favored elites. At the far end, there were the Baptist president Jimmy and wife Rosalynn Carter.


Adjoining them were lifelong Methodists Bill and unsmiling H. Rodham Clinton. Only one made chief executive in case you forgot.


And, next were Michelle Obama, raised a Methodist. Her husband Barack Obama, who was born a Muslim and raised a Christian. He’s really covering his bases even today.


Read on please. Then there was Melania Trump, the First Lady, a lifelong Catholic. And, her husband, The President, is identified as a Presbyterian. Evangelical Christians welcome him and scare the daylights out of the nominal believers and political losers.


Further, the critics have had non-stop field days berating Mr. T, who they say didn't repeat the Apostles’ Creed along with the rest of the assembly because he “didn’t know the words.” I was watching.


Mr. Trump bowed his head in reverence though. No audio seemed to pick up the voices of the other grandees at the exact moment.


It has been rather witty of late to follow the continuing wags. They purport that The President didn’t know the words, a lost soul. He could have read them for all we know. Of course, it’s more painful to him and to us entertaining to insinuate religious ignorance of the man they love to hate.


I explained to some that Mr. Trump was in prayer as the Creed was repeated. Actually, he was saying the Lord’s Prayer: “Now I lay me down to sleep...” Lip readers were on the job.


Those watching the scene may have recalled Mr. Obama smirking, later saying, “I didn’t know he knew it.”


The hidden audio set up by the National Security Agency (NSA) allegedly picked up BHO moments later comment, “Inshallah.” The protestant Carters wouldn't say “the holy catholic church;” the Clintons were mute. About time. Jealousy in church. How obvious.


And Mr. T found his Kevlar overcoat, not so much for the weather, but to dodge any real bullets. This time he was first among the so-called equals. The latter had to wait until 45 and his bride were escorted from their pew.


Let’s give the devil his due. The eulogists were wonderful recalling the man George Herbert Walker Bush.


While the former big shots wondered about their possible accolades at a later time, it was former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson who said, “(George) Bush traveled the rare ‘high road’ of humility in Washington.”


That is a positive lesson for all to follow.


One more thing. President Trump is still “the man with the plan.”


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