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As Long as We Remember...

November 27, 2018

Dimming Old Sol, Clappers

Harry M. Covert

The era of whozits, whatzits and dipsy doodles is alive and booming. Our bounden duty here, though, is another alert. That’s before the innocents and gullibles are swindled again.


The latest folderol are reports that the dimming of the sun is nigh. No kidding. “Old Sol” faces dimming. Yes, professors, and other such people, are fooling some news agencies. The tale is getting some traction.


Please, before enacting laws, or other foolishness, to save the s-u-n and ultimately Planet Earth, pay attention here.


The alleged dimming isn't a political matter, at least not yet, wherever our “yet” may be. Don’t be surprised, though, if some schemer or soothsayer starts hustling that it’s Trump’s fault. It could happen. Maybe DJT will invade the Sentinel Island and use it for the migrant caravans.


Remember when Florida’s “hanging chads” almost gave the presidency to the guy who has cashed it on “global warming” and likes to lay claim to inventing the Internet? Thankfully, this fellow is better known as loser. Let’s be nice. He is a defeated. No name here.


Happily, the dimming of the sun won’t effect those of us still strolling up and down our paved and/or streets and dirt roads. Nor will taxpayers have to pony-up dollars, euros, rubles or pesos to protect the rest of the universe.


I grew up in Tidewater Virginia – the initial opportunity home of the NASA space program where landings on the moon were created.


None of those brilliant scientists and engineers ever came up with any ideas of flying into the sun. They knew the story of Icarus. His father built wings of feathers and wax hoping to escape Crete. The son flew too close to the sun. Oh, my, I neglected to mention, this tale comes from Greek mythology similar to today’s liberal stuff.


Well, don’t worry. No matter what some scam artist or Madoff clone promotes, earthlings don’t have dimmer switches. The clappers popular at Christmas time are good only for home use.


There are some facts to consider before good old Americans fall for another hoodwink.


It was 3,224 years ago when the sun was stopped. That was so and reported in The Book. Most people familiar with the Old Testament, that’s the Bible for grownups, know about this.


From the Book of Joshua 10:12, he asked the Lord to stop the sun. The Almighty listened.


By the way, Joshua was Moses’ assistant, consiglieri.


Now before the matter of sun dimming gets out of hand and newfangled dimmer switches hit world markets, if another prophet claims to be Joshua, the next sun-stopping, won’t occur until the modern year of 5,292.


Do relax and wait. No need to fidget for quite a while. All things remain bright and beautiful.


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