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As Long as We Remember...

November 22, 2018

Feastings and Another Day

Harry M. Covert

Without any official authorization, I am recusing myself from further feasting on this great day. What I mean is this. The pleasure of the day will release me sometime in the afternoon from a self-imposed moratorium of this and that.


As our colleagues and friends will be returning to normalcy shortly, I might as well get ahead of the crowd.


Thankfully, we can all commiserate on the latest news, fake and otherwise. We can reject all of the foolishness so prevalent in our exciting days.


How shocking it is. Another month and then it’s 2019. I can hardly believe I’m facing another year, shhh! It’s 79.


Egad and hallelujah. Another wake up, thankfully.


However, the life span creeping up is a joy sublime. Sitting on Miss Martin’s Seventh Grade class, oh, those days ago, I dreamed about my days in this day and age. I didn’t even come close to what the future would be.


In no way did I and my classmates dream of life in the 21st Century. We walked to school, rain or shine. We obediently listened to our teachers and orderly enjoyed our classroom days.


I knew right away I’d never be able to carve soap or wood items. Once we had to bring in an Ivory soap bar, 99 and 44/100 percent pure. I tried my best but gave up and just washed my hands. I sharpened my No. 2 lead pencil. The teacher had mercy on me.


We were so innocent back in the day. There was no difficulty learning which lavatory to use. Neither was there any trouble distinguishing girls from the boys. In my classes all of the girls were gorgeous. They were smart, too. They still are.


In these days of confusion, my classmates were fun to be around. Even the teachers. I specifically often recall Miss Martin. A doppelganger of Ben Franklin. Then there was Miss Smith, daughter of a mother preacher. We all were in love with her; sweet and nice; firm and I loved when she erased the blackboard.


On this day of family togetherness, it is exciting to recall those feasts of the past. They’re still good.


In this writing opportunity over the past many years I have enjoyed meeting and making many friends, including those who may have disliked my dispatches and those who clipped and dared pasted into scrapbooks.


I purposely decided not to include any current political situations. Not many covering today’s events can gloat over my exciting days of yore. There are many more to come. How much fun it has been to record for posterity happenings in this 21st Century. Every community is enthralled with its people. There is never a dull moment.


Many times I’ve extolled life in our communities. The joy never ends.  We can bellyache about people, places and things of this day. That’s not new. There are so many grand tales to tell.


I urge readers to enjoy the moments of today. Recall those days of maturation, the glorious achievements of our families, friends and contributors who have made lives plain old fun.


Tomorrow brings another day when everything changes. It’s a new day in every way. Opportunities are overwhelming and responsibilities abound in every career.


With our stomachs full, we can now resume our personal and professional ambitions and competitions. So what are the coming battles? I don’t know but it’s fun that there are some terrific stories out there. Let’s keep our pens, pencils and keyboards at the ready. I sure am. There’s no such thing as writer’s bloc when we keep our eyes open.


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