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As Long as We Remember...

November 19, 2018

A Conservative's Call to Action

Jason Miller

The newly minted Democrat majority on the Frederick County Council will have many things to rubber stamp now that County Executive Jan Gardner won her reelection bid.


The three seats occupied by Republicans offer little hope in the fight against growing local government expansion. One gets the feeling that county council Democrats might not be nearly as willing to cross the aisle when there is no legislative reason to do so.


This prediction of county government growth comes largely from historical accounts of the Hagen/Gardner duo. Life’s many years of wisdom and experience sometimes offers us a glimpse of the future. When the lessons of history leaders once learned by trials and tribulations are forgotten, they more often than not make regretful decisions in the name of progress.


Ronald Reagan once said: "No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!"


Conservatives are now the loyal opposition in Frederick County government. Conservatives in this county are going to need to stand up and be counted over the next four years. Conservative principles are going to need every able bodied defender to rally in the knock down-drag out battles with a newly emboldened progressive movement that is sure to come.


The progressive county council will most likely scrap the rewritten Scenic Monocacy River Management Plan. The probable incoming council president, Kai Hagen, said as much in The Frederick News-Post. Property owners should listen carefully when Mr. Hagen speaks.


The News-Post offered insight to Hagen's views when it reported on November 15 that he admitted that he "would not support the current draft of the river plan, and that he would prefer to see a plan that better addresses the Monocacy River watershed rather than the corridor."


In case you were wondering, the size of the Monocacy River Watershed is massive compared to the Monocacy River Corridor. The size and scope of Hagen's proposal should make any conservative who values their own property rights shutter. What started out as proposed regulations along the Monocacy River just landed in many of your own front yards.


True conservatives understand that now is the time for all liberty-minded men and women to stand up in defense of Frederick County's future.


Conservatives must not sink into the quicksand of inaction that results in the tacit approval for one man's environmental extremist's vision of a new Monocacy River Plan.


Conservatives must not sit idle while a bloated Soviet-era 40 year plan named Livable Frederick is shoved down the throats of Frederick County property owners. The progressive utopia as promised will be a nightmare in practice.


Frederick County conservatives also need to show up when a proposal for a sanctuary county is offered. Yes, my friends, that is coming soon enough. Watch the last 287g hearing that Sheriff Chuck Jenkins held if you doubt my prediction. Our local democratic socialists are calling for an end to the 287g program.


We, the conservative loyal opposition; need to start doing more than eating dinner together and nodding as motivational speakers continue to preach the conservative talking points to a conservative choir.


President Reagan also famously said that as government expands, liberty contracts. With Kai Hagen and Jan Gardner at the helm of county government, you can expect many contractions if conservatives are idle.


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