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As Long as We Remember...

November 16, 2018

White Sunshine, Blazing Fires, Folk Lore

Harry M. Covert

Again, I’m stepping into dangerous areas. In no way do I support the global warming boondoggle so popular these days. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes folk lore.


Some people are so able to promote such malarkey that they cash in big time on the gullible. At the same time, politicians and professors are sucked in and, before long, taxpayer funds are raided.


Let’s get to the point. The awful California fires have resulted in many deaths and destroyed homes. Then I heard that state’s governor allege that the blazes were the result of global warming. He’s a nut and will be gone soon.


I don’t think the victims of the devastation will succumb to that kind of talk. Similarly, hurricanes and typhoons can’t be caused by the warming malarkey.


Here it is the 11th month of the year and, as I write, the white sunshine has been falling steadily for hours. It’s rather beautiful. It is sad the snow or rain isn’t drenching the Golden State to bring an end to the fires from Hell.


My heart goes out to the victims. My prayers have been soaring since the fires started. There’s no reason to get into a huff over the matter of seeking Divine intervention in such affairs.


To me it’s balderdash and baloney to dismiss the effectiveness of prayers. Yes, it’s foolish, too. Scripture says “fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


It makes more sense to seek help from the Almighty than listening to Ponzi schemers and so-called experts.


I won’t go so far as to say the California conflagrations are results of transgressions from non-believers. Who can deny that violent attacks on Judeo-Christian ethics has grown incredibly? This debunking religious beliefs have burgeoned more so than any time in 100 years.


Any public display of Christian symbols are viciously attacked everywhere.


But back to the warming issue. All of the guess work about the planet’s possible demise because of humans sounds plausible.


Populations around the earth can huff and puff trying to “blow the house down,” but it’s brainless to trot down that path.


Fortunately, changing of the seasons is an act of nature. No one, no matter how creative, can stop the spinning of the earth. When we think of “As the World Turns,” it does not mean that any individual or a group, animal or vegetable, is able to affect revolutions around the Sun.


The world as we know it is not “make believe” except in the minds of earthlings who are always day-dreaming. I know the phrase “if you can dream it or think it, you can do it.” Bill Gates comes to mind. Microsoft. Why didn’t I think of that? Don’t answer.


Realistically, no one as yet, has figured out how to stop the wind blowing, control storms, or how to grow palm trees in the Arctic or Antarctic, or build a tunnel or bridge from the East Coast of the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Likewise from the West Coast of the U.S. over the Pacific. These are just examples. I do recall Bob & Ray’s radio comedy sketch on the subject.


My Lord, earthlings haven’t even figured out how to live in peace. It’s doubtful they ever will. How can they effect the elements?


Remember this old-time radio opening: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" That Lamont Cranston was ahead of his time.


The snow still falls elegantly here in Maryland. Thankfully firefighters are still battling the blazing infernos on the left coast. Let’s lift our prayers en masse for those suffering out west and all over.


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