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As Long as We Remember...

November 14, 2018

Okay, Can We Stop Now?

Patricia A. Kelly

I’ve seen a lot of things, from the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, to a woman with her head on backwards after a car accident, to General Dien Bien Phu shooting a prisoner in the head in Hanoi, Vietnam, as shown on the evening news here in the United States.


And that’s not nearly everything.


What I may not have seen is the level of hatred, vituperation, and blatant lying present in United States politics in the past two years – up to and throughout the most recent election.


It’s been disgusting, and there’s no excuse. Everyone involved should hang their head in shame.


President Donald Trump has blamed the press for sowing the increasing discord, and he is right, their pretended and self-conscious concerns about freedom of the press notwithstanding. If you want proof, just read the Associated Press articles in our local Frederick News Post. These are supposed to be factual stories, but they are full of snarky adjectives and attributions of motive regarding President Trump.


Nationally, with the help of the press, Democrats have all the right words. They express such “caring” for immigrant moms and children, for example, when, just like Republicans, what they really care about is winning the next election.


Just raise your hand if you know a candidate you think cares more about the wellbeing of his or her constituents than about his or her next election, and I will ship him or her a gold medal, or at least give that some thought.


Here in Frederick County there is a complete divide between two groups within the Republican Party. So far, no attempt to end this rift goes unpunished. So, in a Blue State where it’s already difficult to get common sense principles, such as abiding by laws, unless they are changed in front of voters, the great dividers refuse to give up their anger, no matter what it costs the people of our districts. Would you want to vote for these selfish, hateful people?


Next on my list is the lies. If I must listen even one more time to Chuck Schumer personally mischaracterizing President Trump, or election outcomes, I will definitely have to return to re-runs on HGTV. How does he even look at himself in the mirror?


As for Frederick politics, the blatant lies appearing on so many campaign mailers were sickening. I, as a student of local political action, could easily recognize most of these shocking untruths, but many others could have believed them, no matter how outrageous.


So, now it’s over, and those elected are elected, a few pending vote counts notwithstanding. A lot of you liars and sound bite twisters won. Don’t look away. You know what you did to get your office. That’s right. Go ahead and hang your head.


The thing I want to ask is this. Now that you’ve gotten what you want, can you stop this lying and pretending, and consider looking out for your constituents for a change?


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