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As Long as We Remember...

November 13, 2018

Babble and ‘Culling the Herd’

Harry M. Covert

The loonies are at serious work, most certainly, in the land we call the United States of America. It is all a power game and sickening. All out hatred grows daily.


Vitriol has become the order every minute of every day. A direct slap at those who saved Europe now comes from the French president who declared nationalism as treasonous. He was knocking the American president sitting at the 100th commemoration of the end of the “war to end all wars.”


Perhaps Mr. Emmanuel Macron is looking for a commentators spot on CNN. It almost makes me choke to spell out that cable network identification of hate, racism and extreme liberal nonsensical ideology. Thanks to heroic Americans, Mr. Macron doesn’t speak German.


In another venue, I took distinct umbrage at the distasteful conduct of CNN’s White House correspondent Abilio James (Jim) Acosta. He enjoys narcissistic conduct when facing President Donald Trump, whom he despises along with numerous colleagues. His participation at Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ daily briefings are distasteful. I don’t care one whit at the recent comments by retired ABC man Sam Donaldson, Dan Rather; oops, Dan Blatheras described as by Mad magazine.


The latest twist for Mr. Acosta and his people is that they want to sue the Trump White House for suspending his easy access privileges. If he wasn’t such a dope, he could still pretend to be a reporter, lower case.


Some of my readers have referred to Mr. Trump as “liar-in-chief,” the “Big Buffoon,” and other phrases. Forty-five’s reaction to his detractors is always on the mark, “I’m the president and they are not.” What a comeback.


Mr. Trump is not the only chief executive who didn’t enjoy press friendship. “Give ‘em Hell” Harry S Truman called journalists covering the White House “prostitutes of the mind” in a letter written Dec. 29, 1955, to pal Dean Acheson. This comes from the New York Post.


Number 33, a Democrat, also distinguished himself by firing the insubordinate five-star “American Caesar” Douglas MacArthur. Of course, impeachment words were thrown around willy-nilly. They had no effect. The general couldn't even earn a presidential nomination.


The man from Missouri also had this to say in 1958:


“Whenever the press quits abusing me I know I’m in the wrong pew. I don’t mind it because when they throw bricks at me — I’m a pretty good shot myself and I usually throw ’em back at ’em.”


Sure sounds like Mr. T laying it on Mr. Acosta, who didn’t learn the basic journalistic tool, the “five Ws and an H.”


Number 45’s culling the herd, I mean removing his attorney general, fires up the haters. The latter didn’t like Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions when he was Trump’s attorney general choice.


As the vicious talk continues on cable shows, one extremist has lost it with this shameful babble.


It was Sarah Silverman who said: “She’s ‘Very Lucky’ Trump doesn’t make her wear Star of David.”


This is further proof the nation’s education system is not doing its job. And the screwballs are being taken seriously. Yuk.


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