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As Long as We Remember...

November 8, 2018

Let the Thrashings Soften?

Harry M. Covert

Let the verbal floggings stop. Don’t count on it. We realize the personal bashings won’t stop even if these wonderful midterm elections are thankfully over. Kaput.


What will all of us writer-types do if nicknames, snotty talk and power grabs are muted?


How naïve of me. In all cynicism, do we foolishly think all is “love in bloom” in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives and the White House?


Of course not. For a few days or so, the winners and losers of Tuesday’s brouhaha may be sweet and nice. In reality they are seething. So what’s new? As we've heard since time immemorial, it’s the “same old same old.”


Faces may change but that’s all. The countenances of officeholders have obvious new alterations with more varieties of Americans. This could be good.


I guess traditional national customs will continue to crumble at a slow pace. That’s been accepted too much chagrin in recent years. We probably have to accept the history rewriters if we want civility. Oh, my, that’s a slip of thought or political correctness taking over.


Perhaps the thrashings from all sides of the political spectrums will be softened. I don't figure that will result. Sounds good. The question is who will be “first among equals?” There is no rest for the weary at this point, the nation is divided considerably.


Truthfully, this enmity is a long way from healing. The issues are too monumental for immediate solutions. Bipartisanship and collegiality are suffering. Maybe there’s hope though seemingly far off.


In all practicality, we should look on the bright side despite the hateful political conduct of the past two years. I find the leftist and rightist rhetoric destructive. Undoubtedly it will continue. Purpose of such gabbing is merely to raise images of partisans and wannabes and money in incredible amounts.


Dare I say vote buying is prominent in political campaigns? Of course, it’s the order of the day. Now average Americans have to compete with those ultra-rich looking for powerful seats. The price of victories is out of this world. That undoubtedly won’t change.


Money talks as golfers know, they drive for show and “putt for dough.”


Fundraising is back up and running full steam ahead. Would you believe another election is on the horizon? Yes.


I’m going to ignore the alleged teevee news blabbers for a while. They’ll only talk constantly on the same topic, 2020. There are more worthwhile stories to read and write about. The Notebooks are full.


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