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As Long as We Remember...

November 7, 2018

Time to “Woman Up”

Patricia A. Kelly

For much of history, women have been considered second class citizens, prevented from voting, or even owning property. We were controlled by men, first fathers and then husbands. Even today, some women throughout the world aren’t allowed to show their faces to anyone other than their husbands or immediate relatives.


Women got the right to vote in the United States in 1920. We were powerless, subject to sexual assault and rape, spouse abuse, and more. If we reported, or tried to escape, we were blamed and shamed. We must have brought it on ourselves. Divorcee? She certainly must be a loose woman!


Our forebears have set great examples for us today in the fight for equal treatment, human and legal rights and professional opportunity.


Many have defied the odds, from Catherine the Great of Russia, one of the greatest military strategists of all time, to Harriet Tubman, who helped so many slaves escape, to Hetty Green, penurious robber baron, but very successful in business, to Susan B. Anthony.


Women broke the mold, becoming doctors, attorneys, fashion and business magnates and more during times of severe discrimination.


Now comes, at last, the “Me, Too” movement and a chance for women reporting assault and mistreatment to be heard and respected instead of blamed.


This is a good thing, and more than overdue.


In an age of instant, nationwide communication, political correctness and division of society into multiple protected classes, there are serious pitfalls in the legitimate struggle many women still experience.


First, there is the “victim” thing. People of different colors, ethnicities, homosexuals, gender dysphoric people are now considered victims, who need and deserve special assistance in life due to their discrimination history.


Seeing oneself as a victim is a very bad thing for a person. We are meant to triumph, and we get sad and mean if we spend our lives waiting to be adequately helped.


Giving preference to minorities and to women, with quotas and special exceptions to qualification requirements, can well do more harm than good. Women who are soldiers must meet regular requirements, or the entire army can be hurt. Qualification must be an individual matter, with equal opportunity for all to try.


Women have certainly fallen into the “victim” mode, and taken “Me, Too” over the top.  According to a recent New York Times article, over two hundred fairly prominent men have lost their jobs in recent years over sexual assault allegations, many unproven.


In the case of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, there was never evidence of any sexual misconduct, but he nearly lost his confirmation after unproven allegations, some admittedly lies.


He was and is being profiled by many women as a privileged white guy who is the kind of person who would commit assault. This makes these pathetic creatures afraid of what he will do to women’s rights as a justice. He has spent his life supporting and mentoring women, but that doesn’t matter, in their emotional overreach.


Women are saying, and many male coattail jumpers are agreeing, that an allegation of sexual assault must be believed, with or without proof, just because women have had a hard time, and have at last gotten the nerve to speak.


This is horrifying for women. Who are we that we can’t provide proof of allegations, or expect to follow normal legal procedure? Are we so pathetic that we must have our hands held and patted just because we’re crying? No, and a thousand times no!


Women are real, competent, intelligent, equal people. We should have equal opportunity in the workplace, salaries included. We should not be discriminated against any more than prospective fathers, when we are of child bearing age. We should not be sexually demeaned or molested. We should fight back and be heard. We should do this through regular channels, get corroboration, and tell our stories in the courts, in the boardroom, or in the newsroom, and never back down.


We won’t win every battle, and shouldn’t even bother to fight them all, because the important thing is winning the war.


We are not whiny little children. We are people of strength and character.


Time to act like it.


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