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As Long as We Remember...

November 5, 2018

A Standard of Excellence

Jason Miller

As a rule, honesty tends to always beat negativity for the element of surprise in national elections. Too bad neither party got the memo in this year’s election cycle.


Truth be told, the real changes start when the local voters choose to care about the quality of the candidates and not the quantity of their negative mailers.


The recent elevation of national arrogance and insularity on the parts of high dollar national congressional campaigns have taken a toll on local grass roots conservatives and progressives in recent years. It seems that we'll know how much the 6th Congressional district costs this week.


Choosing to participate during local elections has become a chore for the average voter. This is mostly because a disconnect from platforms average people understand has occurred. The math doesn't lie.


Over the past few years, many Republicans in Frederick County have switched to unaffiliated registration. The Democrats have not lost voters but they have remained about the same in registered Democrats. Both parties are suffering a definitive crisis in Frederick County.


A win at all costs mentality has infested the ideology of some influence leaders in both national parties. The talking head advisers have bombarded the unsuspecting voters with half-truth-mailers and flat out false radio ads. The party leadership's private pursuit of power, influence, or just plain ego, depends on doing anything and everything it takes to win. The truth be damned.


Recently, the pay-to-play national mentality in both parties has taken a toll on Frederick County elections. Both local parties have adopted national leadership strategies to spend as much money as possible. That truth has created a credibility gap among average voters, their party faithful and the party donor class.


It's also hard to stomach some of the rare extraordinarily loyal volunteers laying it on extra thick on social media or elsewhere. We know you like your candidate; but to harp about the crazed excitement over obvious mediocrity is not a good way to endear yourself, or the candidate you support, to general voters. People see right through it.


Don't stage a volunteer theater production in an attempt to gain cronyism after the election dust settles. It's not becoming of a rational self-respecting adult.


This is especially good advice when some die hard supporters can't give a conservative or progressive voter a single tangible argument on why to vote for their Democrat or Republican candidate outside of some superficially negative talking-point tripe.


If we want civility in politics, its starts with voters demanding a standard of excellence in integrity and honesty locally. Maybe next election cycle. This one has a credibility gap on both sides.


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