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As Long as We Remember...

November 1, 2018

Breaking the Mold of the Disloyal Opposition

Harry M. Covert

So, we’re creeping up to the midterm elections and because of the renegades who love to be called resisters, the great old USA is under siege. Ain’t it fun?


In some ways the answer is yes. In reality it’s rather noticeable that lame brains, such as that Maxine Waters, character have been silenced until the morning after.


Her Democratic colleagues have been fearful of her stupid calls for assaults on honest-to-goodness real mature American adults.


No doubt Nancy Pelosi, the aging Maryland-born California millionaire, had something to do with putting the kibosh on her commentaries.


I well know at this very moment I’m treading into dangerous territory. Maxine’s party accomplices have enjoyed her excruciating comments. They like to hide while covertly grinning to her public imbecilities.


Even the biggest loser of the 21st century, the former New York senator, former money-grabbing secretary of state and wife of a former president, gets away with a racial joke.


Oh, my. Did you hear that she responded to an interviewer that “you know all black people look the same” referring to a New Jersey senator and a former U.S. attorney general.


I refuse to identify the loser by her moniker, nor name the “lookalikes” she noted with a grin.


Just say it was a slip of the tongue. Friends, No. 45, the irrepressible winner President Donald Trump, didn’t make her say it. To paraphrase the witty Flip Wilson, “the devil made her do it.”


I don’t mean the following to sound ugly, but I’d wager William Jefferson Blythe III at least smiled out of range, too.


Extremists of this Trump era love to blame everything bad on him. My Lord, he’s a New Yorker. Even Southerners who love the sweet land of liberty and Midwesterners admire the breaths of fresh air brought on since the billionaire has occupied the Oval Office.


He uses Air Force One effectively in his workaholic days. He’s always online, on the phone, or running the country. He speaks his own mind. In some way it could be inferred the South has risen again. Please, this doesn’t mean anything akin to the Civil War. That’s long gone.


One of my colleagues told me “even our allies hate us.” My response is our friends may well be nervous. They should be. For the first time in history, our friends around the world are paying attention and adhering to the fact, thankfully, it “ain't” business as usual.


Who really believes the president had the federal Bureau of Prisons transfer this week notorious gangster James “Whitey” Bulger, 89, to a West Virginia prison.


No sooner had he been placed at the facility, Whitey was rubbed out by other inmates who think they were ratted out by the feared Boston underworld champion.


Neither is Mr. “T” responsible for allegedly trying to get women to accuse Special Counsel Robert Mueller of sexual misdeeds.


The Trumpster is responsible for halting the invasion of illegal immigrants. He’s got the attention of the Mexican officials and those in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and, in all likelihood, other nations in South America.


And, as we all anticipate, the president can be lauded for activating the voting public to flock to polling stations on Tuesday. What a day that will be.


Somehow it’s hard to imagine real Americans want any more gibberish from the personages as disloyal oppositioners Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Diane Feinstein, Ms. Pelosi, Adam Schiff, or the cable cons. I could go on, but that’s unnecessary.


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