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October 31, 2018

Itís All About Trump, or Not

Patricia A. Kelly

Voter turnout in the mid-term is often low, especially for the party in power. This year may be different, with the Trump-hating left eager to gain a majority in Congress, and the right deeply offended by some crazy leftist behavior.


President Donald Trump plays the left and the media and keeps them so angry they say ridiculous things about him and about Republicans. Assaulting administration officials in their off-time, clawing at Supreme Court doors, ripping Trump signs from the hands of little old men, and dressing up as vaginas don’t help them much with normal people.


Some abnormal people have been in action, too, with the pipe-bomb send fest from Florida, and the horrible, deplorable killing of Jews in their synagogue in Pittsburgh. As is everything else, these acts are being blamed on Trump, too.


More than his tweets, self-aggrandizement and questionable comments about others, Trump hatred is really about the threat he presents to the Deep State, and his efforts to change the recent direction of our government and society.


President Trump says what millions of working and middle-class people are saying at home. The backbone of our society and the source of much government revenue, these people felt ignored and manipulated, with their values under threat, so they elected him.


Few among Trump’s opponents are willing to understand him and his ways, accept his flaws or appreciate his successes. He was both a financial supporter and beneficiary of the Deep State before running for office, so he represents a serious threat to the way of life of many. He, more than anyone, because of his history and his means, could “drain the swamp.” The “swamp” doesn’t want to be drained.


Many normal people don’t buy the current liberal line, or current liberal behavior.


These people can’t imagine why a country wouldn’t control its’ borders, or stand up to its enemies. They think everyone of every color and gender should be treated as an individual, equal American, not as part of a protected class. They are horrified at the risk to the American principle that people are innocent until proven guilty. They think people should behave civilly, accepting Trump’s flaws only because of the good he is doing.


They love Trump’s tough, but conciliatory, foreign policy. They think it’s awesome that he switched from decades of “making nice” with our enemies to standing up to them.


If Trump voters show up to vote, the “conservative” majority in Congress will hold, and we will undo a national trend toward open borders, single payer health care, “sucking up” to enemies, and an increasingly large and controlling federal government.


California, land of sanctuary, is experimenting with guaranteed income for all. The Common Core education system was foisted, untested, onto the states with federal government start-up payments. The Supreme Court ruling on a gay marriage case ended not only with adjudication of the case itself, but with the creation of a national law, an action that belongs to Congress.


Illegal residents are being allowed to vote in local elections, and no I.D. is required. Isn’t voting more important than cashing a check or joining a gym?


This election is not about President Trump, per se, but about the future direction of the United States.


Considering the unremitting efforts of Democrat leaders to obstruct Trump’s every effort, the only way to continue the path to the common-sense change wanted by most ordinary Americans is to vote Republican in national elections. Otherwise, party loyalty is not the most important thing. Neither major party deserves much praise or loyalty.


The real questions are these. Do we want to be strong and able to defend ourselves? Do we want to become energy self-sufficient, so we don’t have to depend on the Middle East? Do we want to insist on fair trade, and on other countries paying a fair share of the cost of their own protection? Do we want real reform of our legal immigration laws? Do we want to increase business and jobs and individual opportunity in our country? Do we love our country, and feel grateful to live here?


It’s not about President Trump, except that he was elected to create what he is creating. To keep our vision, we must vote Republican nationally, and vote locally for people of character, who will truly represent us and keep their promises, political blather notwithstanding.


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