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As Long as We Remember...

October 25, 2018

Alarm Bells, Pipe Bombs, and Ballots

Harry M. Covert

The next step has begun to terrorize the free society. The conflict started with verbal threats encouraging confrontations to conservatives because liberal partisans wanted to fight, derail and make general nuisances of themselves.


Alarm bells roared as a nutty congresswoman promoted assaults, then a former federal attorney general said “kick ‘em” when they’re down, referring to Republicans.


Those assaulting others figured people would take such threats and run away. Such conduct by so-called resisters, really losers, have now led to serious criminal dangers throughout.


The history of our free society has always thrived by voting in leaders. If the office-holders wore out their welcome, ballots would change and another would take over.


The past few days are evidence bad things are picking up steam, obviously on the horizon. Liberal billionaire George Soros had a pipe bomb sent to his home. Then just yesterday, Wednesday, explosive devices were intercepted by the Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and local police.


Because of the agencies’ diligence, former Presidents Bill Clinton, his wife, and Barack Obama escaped devastating situations. Then, CNN’s New York offices were evacuated because of threats of suspicious packages. Frightening for sure.


Yes, the nation is facing troubling days. Nuts on both sides of the political spectrum have open the doors to increasing civil strife.


When will Democrat leaders speak out against hate talk? When will the Republicans do the same forcefully? When will religious leaders and former national figures call for calm?


Quite naturally, President Donald Trump and his administration will be blamed by the leftists. Extremists on the “progressive” side won’t quit but will continue to work to further civil disobedience. They like it. Everything to them is racist and their adversaries are just uneducated women and men. How sad that elitists think this way.


The idea that threats in forms of bombs and various poisons are being sent by design to national figures is appalling, horrendous.


The constant barbarous chatter on the national airways and newspapers has sown rampant disgust within every state in the country. And now the civil society is getting on the edge of exploding.


Who’s the next attack recipient? This is not funny. Police agencies in all forms are on the alert. Thankfully.


Do leftists and those distraught over President Trump’s triumph in 2016 really want a Civil War? The Hillary Clinton said civility won’t return until her ilk regains power. If she had any class, or care for the country, she should be the first person calling for peace and law and order. Maybe Benghazi is still in her thoughts.


In no way do I want any physical harm to the Clintons, Obamas, the Trumps, or other leaders.


The constant talk of opponents wanting to blow up the White House, the alleged comedians calling for harm to the president must end.


All of this stuff leads to debased conduct by unknowns who think it’s cute to blow up buildings like the executed Timothy McVey, or those of 9/11, or those shooting congressmen playing baseball.


We’ve seen the murder of a news columnist in Turkey, and threats to the above mentioned news headquarters. Are copycat threats coming to other news providers? Let’s pray not.


Threats on government officials have boomed, even more than the late Sen. Ted Kennedy received during his days.


The treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh didn’t help the climate of today.


Do anti-Trumpsters want to find themselves in a martial law situation? It could happen. Wouldn’t that be pleasant? I hope not, but unless, and until there is cease and desist from dangerous conduct, the possibility is there. We don’t need another War Between the States.


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