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As Long as We Remember...

October 18, 2018

Anomalies in the News

Harry M. Covert

Most certainly international events are rather important. However stateside activities should rank first and foremost. Foreign intrigue always grabs attention, but events at home are more vital considering all the facts – or fiction.


To preface today’s enlightenment, let’s start with these sayings, “pick your poison,” “beauty is only skin deep but dumb is to the bone,” and “tell the truth and shame the devil.”


The killing of the reporter in Turkey still highlights news stories. Conversely, the outright murder of a North Carolina state trooper at 12:30 Wednesday morning is missing from so-called main stream news items. This is irresponsible from news agencies.


Further, imagine the foolish debate of a Massachusetts senator’s claim she’s a Cherokee Indian. This quagmire has gone on long enough. In modern lingo, the description for American Indians is Native Americans.


With respect to all those of Indian heritage, I’m a native born American, Virginian in fact. I’m familiar with the nation’s history and Indian life at Jamestown. History rewriters on the prowl today apparently don’t know much about colonial times. My antecedents were colonists. Easy to prove.


All the time wasted about Elizabeth Warren’s family tree is embarrassing and isn’t the least bit funny. Strictly hope for political viability and payoffs in money.


Notice can also be given to the knucklehead politicians again bringing up that Americans’ Social Security might be cut. This is merely an effort once again to create panic among us white-haired seniors. Whatever the cost of earned benefits, the country needs only to eliminate cash aid thrown around worldwide. Ever notice how the politicians always find unheard of amounts of cash laying around for themselves and various and assorted projects, home and abroad?


Then, there is the titillating ongoing story of the stripper trying to cash in, again describing an alleged stormy sexual affair with the president? Her description of his physical assets are rather steamy. Others have done such things about past presidents of recent and older times. No enumeration here, but there is no immunity from scouring archives.


Other hot news of the past few hours includes First Lady Melania Trump’s Air Force plane forced to land because of mechanical problems. The conspiracy theorists will be blabbing about this. I’d wager some military mechanics will be in for official questioning. We’ll see the “real story” one of these days or years. What was the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s involvement? No, don’t go there, please. It’s too soon.


One of my favorite idiocies of late involves a retired U.S. astronaut apologizing for quoting Sir Winston Churchill. Some online screwball said the man who saved Great Britain in World War II killed more people than The Führer. I prefer not to use the latter’s name. He was the “devil incarnate.”


The shame from the above is that Astronaut Scott Kelly apparently didn't study international history. Another reason to take great care in reading online goofballs.


There’s another case of blatant censorship to consider. This involves gender lifestyle. “Virtue On Line” (VOL) is esteemed worldwide online in a religious magazine covering detailed events of the Episcopal Church of the U.S., and the Anglican Communion internationally.


Dr. David Virtue, VOL editor and founder, wrote this story a few days ago for his millions of readers. It’s headlined:


Guess Who's Coming to Lunch...Again.


“A man who became a woman and then transitioned back to being a man.”


Among the quotes in this awesome story: “Let's be clear that there is no such thing as ‘transgender behavior.’”


The upshot here is Facebook wouldn’t allow this story online. Censorship, free speech and freedom of the press are well under attack here.


The battle lines are drawn in our society. As Agatha Christie wrote many years ago, “evil is everywhere.” There’s nothing new under the sun.


The lesson for the moment concerns the latest shooting death of a state trooper, doing his duty. He is shot walking toward the traffic violator in North Carolina. He dies en route to the hospital. The shooter is nabbed four hours later. He’s alive, of course.


It’s truly sad the reporter died so gruesomely in Turkey. The real story though is the murder of a trooper sworn to keep the peace. He deserves more than a 30-second roll on the video screen, or talk of a dim-bulb scaring an astronaut, a person scabbing on real Americans and a person of ill-repute.


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