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October 17, 2018

Election 2018 Holds Our Future

Patricia A. Kelly

It’s coming. Early voting begins on October 25. Politics for the past two years seems to center on President Donald J. Trump, but, really, all politics is local.


Local politics have a large impact on the nation. What if every local and state political race were civil and fact-based instead of riddled with misleading sound bites and personal attacks? It would create a national difference.


Civil doesn’t mean “playing nice.” It means hard fighting, fact-based exposure of relevant truths about oneself and one’s opponents.


A perfect example of what not to do would be recent attack ads from State Sen. Ron Young (D., District 3). Assertions that his opponent Craig Giangrande hires illegal immigrants and discriminated when firing someone are two examples that come to mind.


Kathy Afzali’s assertion that she supports Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, and that she will be a unifying force in our county if elected as county executive is another example, given her past behavior.


Dirty fighting for political gain demonstrates a lack of honor and character, qualities essential to good government.


What we need desperately is fiscally sound and cautious government, with data-driven decision making and transparency.


At the federal level, it is about Donald Trump, the quite annoying, but extremely successful president currently in office. With a strong wave of Democratic socialism on the horizon, an emphasis on division of our people into classes, promises of increasing government largesse, and control of people’s lives, not to mention inevitable dramatic tax increases, we must consider the future of our society when voting.


This year one might carefully consider voting Republican in national elections, to secure the path to prosperity, to a society with laws and structure, and to a society where every citizen has equal rights, rather than gender, religious or race-based privileges.


In the Sixth Congressional District, there is Amie Hoeber. She is an independent thinker, who tells the truth about her opinions. She’s an extremely qualified national security expert with a history of deep concern for the advancement of women eminently qualified to serve in Congress.


That said, it’s not primarily about party.  Both major parties, over the past several years, have left bad tastes in our mouths. Politics in Frederick County is no exception. Infighting, name calling, and baseless demonization of opponents have been sickening here.


We should vote for the best candidate, someone of character and accomplishment, both able and likely to do their best to keep their promises. We have many such candidates available in our county and we will be well served if we vote for them.


One such is Craig Giangrande. A former New Jersey police officer, he and his family immigrated (legally!) to Frederick decades ago and built a very successful, legally run business. Craig has led an exemplary life, contributing to both our community and our economy. He’s demonstrated clear understanding of how to run things. He’s also stayed clear of the partisan infighting in our county, treating everyone with fairness.


Senator Young, on the other hand, although a very successful mayor of the City of Frederick in the past, has swayed on the wind of liberalism, moving more and more to extreme left positions and dirty fighting to keep his power.


Danny Farrar, running for County Council at Large, is another candidate worthy of consideration. He’s a Republican and a biker dude, with a history of great accomplishment from his military career to his current business success. Danny stands for collaborating with others to create good government. His history demonstrates the likelihood of his keeping his promises, so much needed on the council.


Would I choose Danny over Bud Otis, who was elected based on his assertion that he was a Roscoe Bartlett conservative, and then proceeded to foster division during his tenure? You bet.


There are so many others. Sandy Dalton, Sharon Keller and Charlie Smith have performed excellently in their current roles. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has served us well, keeping our county’s safety as his top priority, returning unspent budget money, following the letter of the law in the ICE program, and performing to the highest level to provide security for even international events here.


There is Liz Barrett, who is running for the Board of Education, is such an independent thinker that she didn’t make the “Apple” ballot. There’s the recently suggested write in possibility of Marie Fischer Wyrick, successful, collaborative, intelligent and the experienced mom of children with special needs who didn’t win in the primary.


Every election day we have a chance to better things by voting well. Let’s take a good look at the sample ballot. Let’s make very careful choices.


Our votes do count.


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