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As Long as We Remember...

October 11, 2018

Facing Insurrectionist Days

Harry M. Covert

It is never more obvious that the brilliance of the Founders of the Constitution were prescient. In fact, these wise men, meeting in Philadelphia, had the good sense to write the Second Amendment.


This guarantee was signed into law in 1787. The incredible document is the longest living Constitution anywhere in the world.


There are many modern people intent on rewriting history of the nation at all costs, including the precious Second Amendment which permits citizens to own and carry arms. That means guns — pistols known as automatics, revolvers, and long guns.


Let us be real here. All the good gals and guys are forced to run through various obstacle courses to enjoy their constitutional rights. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the bad girls and boys don’t give a tinker’s damn about state laws requiring legal hoop jumping to possess firearms.


In these insurrectionist days, mob events are beginning to run rampant. Law-abiding people now face threats in all forms because of political unrest. Many states have granted general permission to own and bear arms, not fearful of a government takeover. The dread is from whackos determined to smear a magnificent country.


The State of Maryland, known for its blue dog liberalities, likes to bloviate on denying gun rights for its citizens.


The gall of the Free State legislators is shameful. They always enjoy amnesia. The politicians ignore the gun murder rate in Baltimore, among the nation’s highest along with Chicago.


Baltimore’s leaders always blame their police. They’ve gone through four police commissioners this year and are looking for a fifth.


The feds are sending law enforcement help to Chicago. Charm City should receive some as well.


How to curb all the violence? Well, time to get tough by stopping and frisking and bring in the National Guard. Oh, my, that’s sure harsh. However, stabbings, switch-blading, point blank pistol shootings and other malicious events are worse.


There ought to be legal ways to carry concealed weapons. Actually there are proper methods. The easiest perhaps is un-electing the liberals in state capitals.


Few concealed carriers are allowed in Maryland. Total nonsense. Even retired law enforcement people are denied the privilege. Again, Pish-tosh.


There are many good citizens who illegally keep handguns in their vehicles for protection. Don’t discount firearms of all types in homes. Residential invasions are not uncommon in these days of increased drug crimes. What a shock when invaders run into a gun-toting grandma or grandpa. A lead, hollow point bullet becomes a true peacemaker.


Hopefully, current political mobsters and other so-called protestors – finks for sure – will wake up before it’s too late.


Presidential executive orders are effective. It would be so satisfying for Mr. T to push for legal national concealed carry laws in every state and territory with the stroke of his pen.


What the heck, override the truculent states and politicians who desire to eliminate The Document which is Gospel for the nation.


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