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May 27, 2004

Is The Golden Rule Out The Window?

David 'Kip' Koontz

Is The Golden Rule Out The Window?

David 'Kip' Koontz

You sometimes have to wonder about man's humanity, or inhumanity to man. Guess in today's politically correct world it should be, a person's humanity or inhumanity to person.

Whatever the case, you just have to wonder what makes people tick sometimes; why they do the things they do to other people.

This kind of came to a head in a way recently, with the prisoner abuses perpetrated by Americans toward Iraqi - what are they really called - detainees or prisoners of intervention?

Again, whatever you call them, they did not need to be humiliated. They did not need to be stepped on, kicked and paraded around on a leash and the like.

They are people.

We may be in hostilities with their country and they may have contributed to actions taken against Americans, but they did not deserve to have the very foundations of their principles, their religious beliefs and cultural mores smacked across their face.

But what makes even less sense is the fact that some found these acts justified.

Some found the acts funny or that the acts were not damaging in the least to those on which they were perpetrated.

Many, oddly enough many men such as columnists and talk show hosts, seem to have found the fact that at least one man was made to parade around in women 's underwear was funny and found it to be non-degrading at all.

Outside of not understanding other people's culture, you have to wonder how many of those who found that act funny, or not degrading, would want to be paraded around in women's underwear themselves.

Maybe some would, but that is another matter all together.

This act and the subsequent lack of compassion to those on which these acts were perpetrated illustrates that we seem to have lost a moral compass on which many of the same folks who found these acts funny, seem to want all of us to base our moral compass.

Odd huh, how it seems that many of the "most righteous" of us were the one's who found no compassion in what occurred?

Recently I was doing yard work outside my home as a gentleman paced next to his car nearby looking troubled.

Another man approached and the first man asked him if he had jumper cables and explained his battery was dead.

The second man's response was, "Are you talking to me?"

The first man simply responded with, "Sorry, I just need a jump here," while man number two continued with, "I don't have any damn jumper cables," got into his SUV and drove off.

Fortunately we were able to help him with his jumping needs and got the first man on his way.

But why the need for man number two to be so hostile, so uncaring?

Seems it is acceptable to be that way anymore, I guess.

While driving home from work last week two lanes leading out of my office complex turn left.

I was in the right left turn lane as another vehicle was turning in the left, left turn lane.

As we were making the turns, the car in the left, left turn lane proceeded to shift lanes into my lane and I sounded my horn to encourage the other driver not to hit me.

A woman in that car stuck her head and upper body outside the window of the car to call me every profanity in the book while wildly gesturing to me with her middle fingers flying.

When we both reached the next stop light together, she continued her harangue.

I guess she would have preferred to wreck and have the driver of that vehicle found at fault instead of having someone warn them they are about to crash.

But again, why the hostility of the response?

It is acceptable, I guess.

While shopping recently I witnessed a store manager get verbally accosted by a customer for not paying her cash compensation because she had to return to the store to have a security sensor removed.

The manager apologized profusely and told the woman that had she called, or if it happens again to please call, as the store would send someone to her home to have it removed.

That didn't matter to her because she was "tremendously inconvenienced."

Again, even though apologies were given and an attempt was made to find out what it would take to assuage her anger, she only continued to shout more.

She finally decided that the store should pay her cash money that she would calculate based on her hourly wage from her self-described, "important and powerful job," what the national rate for mileage reimbursement was and what she deemed acceptable to tack on extra for her "mental anguish."

I am not making this up.

When the manager said he would have no power to do that much and tried to explain what he could do, she only burst into another name-calling tirade and stomped out promising to have him fired.

How can one get so worked up over a sensor?

Why is it okay to holler, scream and degrade someone else in that or any kind of setting?

Because it is acceptable, I guess.

Person's inhumanity to person seems to be more and more frequently the accepted.

It is very, very sad we haven't learned more from what this nation - we as a people - have gone through.

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