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As Long as We Remember...

October 4, 2018


Ken Kellar

[Editor’s Note: This column has not been edited at the author’s request. However, the full names of people named as been added in parentheses.]


The late Stephen Jay Gould, world-renowned paleontologist and evolutionary biologist, had a memory seared into his mind. It was a very emotional memory that he cherished.


Dr. Gould remembered a ritual he and his departed father experienced many times. They would see a ball game at Yankee’s stadium. After the game they would buy hot dogs, sit on the steps of the stadium and recount the highlights of the game they just watched.


There was only one problem with Gould’s cherished memory of his father, it was a false memory. Decades later Gould drove by the stairs they used to sit on after the game. To his surprise, the stairs were blocks away from the stadium. Over and over, Gould and his dad left the stadium, walked about a mile, bought a hot dog and sat on the stairs of some building far from the stadium. Yet for decades Gould excluded any memory of the walk and created a more romantic memory of sitting on the stadium steps.


When the adult Gould saw the stairs he immediately recognized his faulty memories and reprogrammed them. He was fascinated enough about the intensity of the false memory that he shared it with his readers. It is a sobering thing for an acclaimed scientist to realize his memory is highly fallible.


Now let’s consider the incredible deference being shown Dr. (Christine Blasey)Ford by all parties. Even those who believe her testimony is completely false generously show no anger and state that she must have undergone some trauma and is just confused about the past. Therefore we are told to feel no ill will towards her.


Here is the big problem people are overlooking.  Dr. Ford is called doctor because she is a professor of psychology and is a research psychologist at Stanford.


Her memory has resulted in a claim against another that is utterly unsubstantiated by anything but her memory. None of the witnesses she has cited substantiate her claims. Worse, there are actually refutable portions of her testimony as well as highly implausible aspects of her claims.


Dr. Ford cannot feign ignorance of the fallibility of human memory. Yet she declares with 100% certainty in her memory that something bad happened to her about 36 years ago and that she is 100% certain the bad actor was Judge (Brett) Kavanaugh.


How could a professional in the psychiatric field not only be 100% certain of a memory refuted by others, but be so certain that she is not only willing to completely believe her memory but is willing to harm others with that memory? She continues with her charges knowing that no one, not even her friends, have substantiated them yet she declares she is 100% certain.


For anyone to harm another person with a 36-year-old memory is questionable on multiple grounds. Is your memory accurate? Is it right to hold someone accountable for a teenage transgression after so long?


However, for a professional psychologist to seek harm to another based solely on her unsubstantiated memory is utterly irresponsible, reckless and perhaps even evil.


If Dr. Ford were an uneducated woman I might still question the person’s character if she brought forth a four-decade’s old charge that she had shared with no one for that time. But Dr. Ford is an educated women and an expert in the field of human memory. For her to use her unsubstantiated memory as a political weapon is unconscionable.


The left’s practice of “the ends justify the means” is evil and un-American. That is not who we are as a former President repeated like a trained parrot but it appears to be who we are becoming.  Riots, assaults, lies, threats, vandalism, arson and many other crimes are a result of the left’s self-righteous policy. It is an existential threat to our nation, our way of life, our justice system and our future. It must be called out and stopped.


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