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As Long as We Remember...

October 2, 2018

Rearming the Quivers

Harry M. Covert

Attention, please! From a well-worn tome of aphorisms, proverbs to be transparent for all, including elitists, “being forewarned is being forearmed.” Long-winded, for sure. The alert is as follows.


The belligerents of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, are re-arming their quivers of alleged high crimes and misdemeanors to thwart Judge Brett Kavanaugh from becoming Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.


The warfare is in comparison to the “shock and awe” so familiar to Operation Iraqi Freedom.


The nation lies in wait now. The feds have sent another cadre of investigators toward alleged teenage conduct of Judge Kavanaugh and Ms. Christine Blasey Ford. Both accuser and accused are from Montgomery County, Maryland, apparently the SIN city for high schoolers in the 1980s.


In these days the above county is one of the richest in the nation. At the time, be alert, some sections are deathly dangerous. At the moment, the marauding takes a back seat.


The contumacious members of the Judicial Committee are readying themselves for further embellishments to indelicate, improper and injudicious high school days conduct.


In case federal agents, minus any help from the county police, can’t unearth any juicy morsels, more hits are in the works. Remember, Judge Kavanaugh is above the following characters. These are so well-known only their surnames will be identified: Clinton, Franken, Weiner, Booker, Dingell, etcetera, etcetera and et al. There’s no need to expand to other personalities and improper conduct like movie moguls, television and radio figures or other self-described lover boys.


My researchers discovered early that the favorite beer of the youth swiggers in the 80s in Bethesda was not Natty Boh, formerly known as National Bohemian Beer of Baltimore.


Some clear reporting must be made here.


The fork-tongued minority members of the Senate, and their gutless wonders, raised attention that the majority “eleven white men” would not give a fair hearing to Ms. Ford, nee Dr. Ford. How foolish is that? Did the minority senators of six white men, two white women, one Japanese-born naturalized Hawaiian woman and a mixed black and south Asian woman give fair treatment to His Honor, Judge Kavanaugh? No!


What a debate about Senate members? Such division is shameful. For a moment, consider the uproar if the minority members had been attacked for alleged misconduct since being elected? Would activists be spouting such words as censure, impeachment, murderers, crime lovers and keep them from walking out of an elevator. No.


That Arizona senator, who kowtowed to screamers in the Capital elevator, disgraced himself. He should have walked out, pushing away the yellers, and acted like a U.S. senator. It is embarrassing to use his name here for mature women and men.


The time is gone when those in authority take verbal or physical abuse from paid protestors. The mutual niceness in the political realm is now a thing of the past.


When the G-men finish note-taking this week, their seventh examination of the judge, we’ll be waiting for another spurious hoax.


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