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As Long as We Remember...

October 1, 2018

Marylandís Election Snake Pit

Jason Miller

The Senate Supreme Court “Advise and Consent” hearing held to investigate accusations of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh against Dr. Christine Baisy Ford ushered in a painful pile on of candidates seeking election or reelection from across the nation.


Never before has such a spectacle been seen, not even in the darkest hours of Justice Clarence Thomas's confirmation hearing in 1991.


Some politicians on the right and the left shamelessly used the testimony as a personal political opportunity to fund raise. If that weren't bad enough, bottom feeding politicians on both sides of the aisle used the systematic abuse endured by Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh during the hearing to score cheap last minute political pandering points with less than two months left in before 2018 mid-term election.


Many Maryland Republicans were aghast when Gov. Larry Hogan entered into the Kavanaugh grudge match by siding with Democrats for yet another FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh’s background. This new probe will be the seven such background check – if you've kept track.


The Associated Press reported on last Thursday that "A spokeswoman for Maryland's Republican governor says he believes a full investigation is needed into allegations of sexual assault against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh."


It is rational to roll one's eyes when listening – or reading – such a blatant attempt in pandering by any partisan candidate. This statement was a forced error in the minds of Republicans across Maryland. Governor Hogan has a 20 point lead over his Democrat opponent in his re-election bid. The governor should have risen above the temptation to join in the scramble for the low hanging fruit from a politically poisonous tree.


What new details from the latest in a series of FBI investigations could offer to ease Governor Hogan's mind? Last anyone checked, the governor of Maryland had no vote in the United States Senate for a Supreme Court nominee or anything else. Many remain unconvinced of the governor's sincerity in siding with Democrats in this case.


Was such a blatant pandering statement needed to remind Democrats that Governor Hogan detests President Donald Trump? You bet. Governor Hogan has taken to unnecessary Trump bashing as he has led the MDGOP into a subtle lurch to the left.


Some Hogan Republicans are scratching their heads though with his statement on Judge Kavanaugh. Many Republicans understand the need to be amiable and compromising in a state as Blue as Maryland. Pragmatic Conservatism wins the day for Republicans in state elections. This noble truth has not been lost on Hogan supporters.


This general election will usher in Larry Hogan as the only Republican governor to be re-elected since the Theodore McKeldin era in the 1950s. Our governor needs votes from both Republicans and Democrats to be re-elected. That is a complete and total fact. He has a double digit lead over Democrat Ben Jealous currently.


Entering into the snake pit that is now the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing to get even more Democrat votes seems a bridge too far for some very loyal Republican Hogan supporters.


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