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As Long as We Remember...

September 13, 2018

Incivility and the Gathering Storm

Harry M. Covert

With all good intentions, the plan for today’s good news is to seek Heavenly intercessions to stop Hurricane Florence in her tracks, leaving the Atlantic coast free from disaster.


But, we must digress at the moment. A national newspaper of record has reported the winning commander-on-chief is “complicit.” In other words he is responsible for the “gathering storm.”


No, this doesn't come from some incognito leaker but a newspaper. How in the world can the media haters come up with such stuff? It is obvious such writing was okayed by the paper’s editorial executives. Foolish and puerile – childish.


If President Donald Trump can create weather at his whim, his Midas touch is now divine.


My thoughts and prayers have been sincere for the millions facing the expected destructive rain and winds.


There are other news that deserves some comment.


A charter school in Georgia is planning to use corporal punishment to handle unruly pupils. What? They say the student can only have three paddles on the posterior or five days suspension.


Well, that won’t gain traction probably in any other jurisdiction.


Along the same line a Maryland public defender has been hazing the Frederick County sheriff for not providing not enough educational opportunities juveniles held in his jail.


The offenders are in jail on court orders. They are not in a Sunday School class. There is a reason a judge placed them in custody. They are dangerous.


There is no corporal punishment in the “detention” facility. Jail discipline isn’t to let inmates run around willy-nilly. There are state and federal rules governing those incarcerated. By the way, the jailers don’t use paddles or cow prods.


Other news? A California candidate was attacked by a knife wielding guy last weekend. Let’s give thanks to Maxine Waters for such activities. She should be impeached, using her own words.


The day is coming, leading up to the midterm elections, when Republican candidates will need body guards to campaign. This conduct is getting out of control. Remember the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise in Alexandria, VA, during a softball practice? He almost died.


Oh, yes, how about public officials being accosted in restaurants, walking in the streets and the constant shootings? Old news? No.


Again, Ms. Waters is one of the proponents of public excoriation of conservatives and Trumpists. She should be censored by the House of Representatives and her party leaders.


The entire matter of incivility has gotten out of hand. Will the day come when hand-to-hand combat is necessary? If it does, the losers and haters will put the blame on whom? You got it, Mr. DJT.


In Maryland good and righteous citizens aren't allowed to carry concealed weapons. Maybe baseball bats will come in handy for walk-about protection.


Back to the presidential gift: Mr. T, Captain America, please walk out on the Truman Balcony, or to the Rose Garden and demand the winds to cease. You can do it.


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