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As Long as We Remember...

September 11, 2018

Reading the Digits?

Harry M. Covert

The foolishness so prevalent today in the news business and among the civilians has reached disgraceful proportions. Incredibly, laughing at some of the imbeciles is appropriate even though sad.


The latest example is the nincompoop talking about a hand signal during the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. And the supposed professional journalists fell for it.


In all my career of covering courts, working with jurists at all levels, I never knew – or found – one who was anything but honorable, beginning with general district courts on up.


Of late, some nitwit accused an attender sitting directly behind Judge Kavanaugh of displaying a white power hand signal. I was watching. Baffling.


Never have I ever heard of such a thing. I do know that sign language is prevalent for those with hearing problems. This is truly vital hand signals and enables communications.


To suggest such a thing is nothing short of stupidity. How could any news editor fall for such a thing? Apparently one did. Ignorance at its best.


Most people know about the single digit salute. Certainly ugly and inappropriate. Usual response: “is that your age or IQ.” Normal people know the answer.


I do recall the time a miscreant “saluted” a police officer friend of mine. Instantly the fool had that digit broken. An emergency room visit resulted. In court, the saluter was sentenced to a few weeks in jail. He became a first class sweeper.


Not only was the signal catcher at the Senate hearing foolish, how about the “I am Spartacus” moment? Another embarrassment for U.S. Senate decorum. I had some respect for the guy, even if he is from New Jersey, but he needs to develop some class. Plus I dare not misspell “class,” avoiding dropping two letters.


This modern day routine of making up stuff is brainless. Partisanship is fine, but common sense is important. Devising stupidity ought to be figured quickly.


The quality of a nominee like Judge Kavanaugh is more than obvious. Before the hearings ever started, opponents were saying they would vote no. Political for sure and totally shameful and embarrassing.


Another person supposedly smart, said the current president was stacking the Supreme Court. It is the Constitutional responsibility of The Man to do just that.


Let’s return to the alleged white power signal. No one I have ever met is aware of such stuff, even from Sons of the Confederacy or Daughters of the Confederacy.


Sure, racists out there like to promote such ignorance. It makes them feel good. To the few without verity, truth makes no difference. It is the sign of the times that foolishness no longer is solely shown in situation comedies.


How often is it said that “beauty is skin deep but dumb is to the bone.” Obviously proven every day these days.


It is also an insult to the hearing impaired to abuse untrue hand signals. The best result sometimes may be a good old slap in the face. This is not brutality. It’s education to wake up in the real world.


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