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As Long as We Remember...

September 6, 2018

The Defeated and Overthrow Attempts

Harry M. Covert

Threats against the President of the United States have reached disbelief. Overthrow of the elected occupant is ongoing, a tragedy waiting to happen and never seen before.


Partisanship is expected in a democratic society. But overthrow? It is hard to imagine the constant hate spewed from political leaders, who – flat out – were defeated in 2016.


Constant attacks have become the order of the day. Reprehensible talk in all quarters is almost accepted as normal conversation. Oh, by the way, overthrow is against the law.


Talking ill of the dead is usually avoided by persons of courtesy and kindness and uprightness; thus has become a shame on goodness of recent days.


Hatred from the grave is not accepted for good people. The Office of President of these United States is sacrosanct, no matter political persuasion. To attack the sitting Commander-in-Chief is wrong and disrespectful.


Facts are evident. An outsider shocked all of the in-crowd, those who have held the power of the federal government forever and a day. The current occupant stunned and frightened those who felt they owned the Halls of Justice and who could pick and choose who sat in the Oval Office. The joke is surely on them.


From the moment President Donald J. Trump stepped on the Trump escalator, he put the fear of the Almighty et al in the then “movers and shakers” of the nation’s political power. None of them ever considered the pulse of America to their education. They watched as their traditional palaver was thrown to the wayside. They found this shocking, disturbing and absolutely astounding. Panic hit them straight in the eyes. It was joyful to watch


Since those days, the defeated have been suffering from delirium tremens. Imagine a rookie politician beating the living daylights out of all the insiders, not only the media types, but the elected wizards who love to infer they know-it-all.


Mr. T is a sign of the times – “out with the old and in with the new.” Love it for sure.


To see all of guests at the National Cathedral Saturday was disturbing. Everybody in their mourning suits and innocuous words were a bit over all that’s holy. No matter how you cut it, it was a political statement guised as good old girls and boys forgiving past sins and fighting and wanting overthrow.


Of course, there were no political statements in the holy venue. Go ahead and laugh, no one will hear you this morning.


How dare Donald Trump running for – and winning – the presidency?


All the wisenheimers are still aghast. That New York businessman pulled the wool over their eyes. He reached Middle America and now he is in command.


All this hate and threats of impeachment is stupid. The investigations are ruses for the defeated.


Hopefully the day comes soon when President Trump says the “hell with it” and fires the Mueller clan, weak attorney general Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein.


All of the defeated still dislike the president. Voters in Middle American still support him. The Congress is a bunch of wimps. The Senate? That is still under consideration but remains wishy-washy.


At the august services in the Cathedral, John McCain’s daughter took a swipe at the president. At this moment, the world learned she wanted to be appointed her father’s successor in the United States Senate. So much for honesty and veracity.


The bottom line is simple. Mr. Trump has them all by the throat.


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