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As Long as We Remember...

August 30, 2018

When Manners Get Ugly

Harry M. Covert

Torrid examples of ill will – or lack of protocols and manners – continue to erupt among national figures. If the conduct wasn’t so ugly, laughter could be the order if the day.


At this point, the preferred thought of turning the other cheek appears non-existent. Verbal fighting is amid the crowds and it’s rather enjoyable. Be aware, no relief appears on the horizon of any coming attitude adjustments.


The subject here deals with the public morass involving two celebrated politicians.


All right, federal flags at all locations are flying at half-staff. They did blow in the wind for two days. Then were returned to full staff, atop flagpoles. After a national furor and more nasty comments, the stars and stripes were dropped halfway again.


Still the squabbles continued among the pros and cons. This is hot news. Being pragmatic, professional good-old-girls and -boys, love it, though not good for the public no matter the prejudices or sectarianism flailing in consciences.


I might as well note it was Donald Trump before ascending to the high pedestal on the mount of the presidency said he didn’t like the late Arizona senator – John McCain – and didn't consider him a hero.


At that exact moment we all winced and knew that would not be erased.


Later, Captain-Senator-Presidential Nominee McCain, the maverick, made no bones either about his dislike for the president, leaking files to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suggesting dirty deeds in the 2016 victorious election. Nothing illegal has been proved. Further, while both have the label Republicans, they have been far apart as the north and south poles and as icy cold.


The diverse personalities could both have used some professional courtesies. That was – and is today – obviously impossible in the current political climate.


A lot has been at stake between the commander-in-chief and the senate mogul.


Mr. Trump, after much criticism, did offer personal respect for Mr. McCain’s service to the nation. That was good even if a few days late.


On the other hand, Mr. McCain, was rather insulting to Number 45, publicly saying he didn't want the president attending his funeral. Instead he wanted two others, former presidents – one who defeated him – to give eulogies. President Trump is sending Vice President Mike Pence and others.


Each of these protagonists got what they wanted. Mr. Trump has extended all traditional services of the government to the late senator and his family. Mr. McCain won’t have Mr. Trump around.


Flags will remain at half-staff until Sunday’s burial at the U.S. Naval Academy. That’s nice.


In this, one has served, the other is serving.


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