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As Long as We Remember...

August 15, 2018

Sabbatical or Summer Idyll

Patricia A. Kelly

Well, there’s been no summer idyll really, although it sounds so nice. Family caregiving has taken its’ toll on summer days. It’s okay, of course, as life brings what it brings, to all parties.


Being a parent is much more work than being a family caregiver and deserves to be honored. Care recipients struggle as much as their caregivers. It’s not easy for anyone.


That’s how you tell real life from storybooks.


The sabbatical, on the other hand, did take place. After four years as president of the Republican Women of Frederick County, yours truly burned out. This organization was founded in September 1920. It’s the oldest such group in the country, founded before the National or State Federations of which it is a part. This group has a long history of service to conservative causes, the Republican Party – and to our community. Serving as president was an honor.


Politics has often – or always – been an ugly business, with so many willing to do just about anything to get a vote, to gain wealth, or to consolidate their power. Lying, cheating, and even punching each other out are part of the game.


We witness this on a national and local level. We’ve seen the demonization of conservative Frederick County Council members, for example. As an insider, I learned about some of the secret behaviors of members whose public faces are all sweetness and light.


Council President Bud Otis, who ran as a Roscoe Bartlett conservative, and then immediately buddied up with our Democrat county executive, Jan Gardner, which created, in essence, a Democrat majority council. He didn’t begin voting against Ms. Gardner until a new election was looming. While making things as difficult as possible for Republican Council members, he always wore his “kind, wise, diplomatic and caring” face for the public.


On the national level, the demonization of President Donald J. Trump and his supporters has been unrelenting. As a volunteer at a polling place during the 2016 election, I was approached repeatedly by people who secretly whispered, “I’m voting for Trump.” So many silent people who voted kept their council in response to being berated by “kind, caring, inclusive” liberals. It’s almost funny how many of President Trump’s “outlandish” tweets have turned out to be true, and how many accusations leveled at him have been shown to true of his enemies.


With our children being taught the benefits of socialism in schools, a nationwide focus on what must be given to people instead on what they can do for themselves, and media emphasis on personal victimization blamed on laws and policies attributed, often incorrectly, to the “evil” right (conservatives), many people have given up independent thought, not to mention common sense, to follow their own Pied Pipers down the path to social unrest and even violence.


Yes, society evolves and changes. The world of our predecessors, those who won World War II without the benefit of now-taken-for-granted technology, is gone. There were some really bad times then, though, and there is some real good in today’s modern world.


The spring and summer sabbatical from politics has been amazing, my caregiver-clipped wings notwithstanding. I am so much happier with minimal exposure to news. I’ve enjoyed Naked and Afraid XL, HGTV, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy much more than cable news. I’ve enjoyed cleaning out my closet, discarding excess possessions and even watering my flowers way more than being constantly exposed to political wrangling.


But September is coming. Time to get off the couch, back to school, back to work, and back to politics, as November brings elections. Will this year go as mid-term elections often do, with Democrats regaining majority over Republicans? Will those demonized or ignored Trump supporters stay home, as usual for the party in power during mid-terms, or will they surprise us again and show up at the polls to vote for those who hold their views? Will they keep the Trump train rolling?


Most interesting of all this year may be the Democrat side. Will that party’s corrupt machine be dumped in the current move toward democratic socialism? Is that, by any chance, what the majority of Americans want?


Elections are important, this one very much so. President Trump was elected because he, warts and all, promised to change the course of America.


Will it go his way, the Democrat machine’s way, or shall we move toward socialism? Can’t wait to find out.


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