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As Long as We Remember...

August 9, 2018

Consider Voting Vigilantes

Harry M. Covert

Maybe it’s time to bring in the vigilantes. I mean simply to help those charged with keeping the Putinites from messing with voters on local levels.


While national attention still garners the preeminent attention from guardians of the balloting business, perhaps voter vigilantes is the appropriate group to assist ferreting out the sneaks from around the world.


Specifically, I’m pointing to those Eurasians of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, SVR, the new version of the KGB. Let’s throw in intruders from China, Korea, north and south, and the industrial spies from Japan.


These are very real matters. The latest strikes involve California’s Senior Sen. Diane Feinstein. It only came to light a few days ago. For 20 years, her driver and staffer, was a spy for China. That’s true.


The naive senator kept the fact secret for five years. She was informed of the infiltration by the Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI). He failed to latch on to any classified information during his tenure. Thus he wasn’t charged with espionage and was just fired.


The senator’s hubby was able to cash in though with his Chinese business dealings. But no evidence has arisen of any collusion. So, other than embarrassment, there’s no dirty dealings against the peace and dignity of the senator’s senatorial service. No smirks here.


In Frederick County, Maryland, voting procedures, no invasions by Russkies in the electoral process have been uncovered. Some questionable activities have been rumored in Baltimore. The reality there though for some years has been inferred of some shady maneuvers on the part of the predominant Democratic Party structure. I only can report that no international operatives have been involved. Local party gurus may have played fast and loose on voting days. That’s the inside from old-time politicos and esteemed retired members of the reporting class.


Protectors of the voting system are on the ball in Frederick City and county. Vigilantes maybe needed elsewhere, but not in Maryland’s largest county of 664 square miles.


At present, Frederick County is gearing up for the big November race for county executive. Political watchers and participants are alert. While popular Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is headed to a second term, prognosticators, palmists, soothsayers and other clairvoyants foresee that Democratic incumbent County Executive Jan Gardner will win a second four-year and probably easy.


Ms. Gardner obviously is not a favorite of conservative Republicans. The GOP nominee is Del. Kathy Afzali, who’s hoping to benefit from Governor Hogan’s popularity. There lies the rub. Ms. Afzali is not supported – or liked – by conservative GOP stalwarts whom she has alienated.


While Ms. Gardner is on the winning road, Ms. Afzali has a two-pronged battle. She is competing against Ms. Gardner and the well-thought-of Independent Earl Robbins. Mr. Robbins had been a county leader for many years. He could be on to something good.


So, the competition is warming up. And following Labor Day, the political battles will get into high gear.


Here’s a sneaky look for November’s victors from prophets:


County Exec Jan Gardner, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, for state senate in District 3 Craig Giangrande and Governor Hogan.


Be ready. Be assured party vigilantes will be on the alert. No voters from graveyards. No citizens’ arrests. Being fore-warned is being fore-armed.


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