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As Long as We Remember...

July 20, 2018

Witch Hunt?

Edward Lulie III

The Washington Times ran a story on their website last Sunday, headlined: “Trey Goudy breaks with Trump: Russia Probe is not a “witch hunt.” Representative Goudy (R., SC) was quoted saying that he never thought it was a witch hunt and that Russia “attacked” the U.S. in 2016.


Of course, you can count on the main stream media to run with this once again as they also did with the Inspector General’s report on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when they triumphantly exclaimed “No Bias!”


Then last Monday President Donald Trump met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and the left went insane, “treason” and “collusion” they screamed. The new indictments of the Russian intelligence officers provided other Democrats with ammo (they think) to yell “Witches.” Before you accept the ravings of the left, you might want to consider the known facts.


To begin with, President Trump, while a great communicator, often lacks specificity in his statements. He doubted – at first – that the Russians actually meddled in the election but has evolved to agree that they did. However, he has always referred to the “Witch Hunt” as the investigation into collusion, which claimed that he or his campaign knowingly colluded with Russia.


That is clearly the “Witch Hunt” to which he refers. The main stream media mostly believed that FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s assertions that his clearly biased text messages and emails were not proof of bias, despite the fact that many were done on FBI equipment and FBI time.


The concept that Agent Strzok, and several others at the top of the FBI, were actively acting to “get” Mr. Trump is becoming more evident every day.  You won’t hear that from most in the media. Democrats refuse to accept the Clinton evidence of collusion, how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton Campaign paid for the infamous Fusion GPS “dossier,” which was concocted with Russian “sources.”


Nothing to see here, right? They have even raised the possibility of using the military to overthrow President Trump. Now that is treason.) CNN had hopes that the “shadow government” would step in. That sounds like an admission that the “deep state” is alive and resisting just as President Trump is claiming.


Congressman Goudy seemed, during the hearings, to clearly be convinced that “yes” there were people at the FBI who actively hated and worked against Candidate Trump. While he states that there was no “witch hunt,” that statement clearly refers to Russian interference and not to the obvious efforts of Agent Strzok and others to pursue Mr. Trump. There is a huge difference.


The Department of Justice ‘s Inspector General (IG) report was widely said by the main stream media – and even Fox News – to state that there is no bias in the investigation, that it was simply misstatements of the facts.


The report said the IG investigators found that there was no evidence that the decisions on prosecution by prosecutors was influenced by bias. The report contained many accounts of bias. Non-lawyers should understand that prosecutors base their decisions on cases upon the evidence provided by law enforcement and, in this case, by the FBI.


Clearly it can be argued that evidence provided by the FBI was tainted by bias. How else to understand why Special Counsel Robert Muller threw Mr. Strzok off his team when evidence of bias was presented to him.


Why would he toss Mr. Strzok off his team? Because a judge or jury that heard about the agent’s obvious bias would probably not believe his testimony and might well start to question everything else. That’s what a sane prosecutor does to protect his case and follow ethical rules that prevents one from offering a witness that you know or suspect to be lying.


Remember that we have been told Donald Trump is not a “target” of the investigation (Except maybe in Agent Strzok’s eyes). Unnoticed in the past few days was that now former FBI attorney Lisa Page was cooperating with the joint House investigative committees. You have to wonder if Ms. Page has “flipped” and what it means to the possibility of exposing the corruption in the Department of Justice and FBI.


So, it seems that the “Witch Hunt,” so often tweeted by President Trump, may indeed be the phony investigation that he contends it is. As more revelations come out against those who produced the FISA warrants (to allow spying on the Trump campaign), it seems clear that he has a point; plus, consider that the Obama Administration deliberately allowed Russian meddling to proceed during the 2016 election cycle.


The main stream media continues to misstate facts and confuse issues to try and keep the Trump collusion narrative alive. It may be that the cast of characters who condemned Trump’s conduct at the meeting with President Putin (such as John Brennan) are really much more concerned about their own futures as more evidence is exposed about efforts to “stop Trump.”


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