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As Long as We Remember...

July 19, 2018

Unbounded Idiocy

Ken Kellar

We are all biased and subjective. Some of us are idiots. This week President Donald Trump is called a traitor because of several sentences he spoke during a press conference with Russian Vladimir Putin. Mr. Trump said he was not convinced that President Putin hacked the last presidential election. That’s it.


We didn’t say that he will have more “flexibility” after the next election.


Mr. Trump didn’t unilaterally withdraw defensive missiles from Poland.


His wife didn’t get paid $500,000 for a 30-minute speech in Russia while he negotiated the sale of our uranium resources to Russia.


He didn’t deliver pallets of unmarked bills to an Islamist theocracy that has vowed the destruction of our ally and our own nation.


He didn’t release five terrorists to free a military deserter.


President Trump did arm the Ukraine with missiles to counter a potential Russian military attack.


He imposed large economic sanctions on Russia.


He took the freeloading NATO “allies” to the woodshed and convinced many of them to increase their military spending and strength to be able to oppose a Russian invasion.


Mr. Trump even hit Russian assets in Syria.


Despite the tension, he is trying to establish a relationship with the Russian tyrant.


These idiots calling President Trump a traitor are simultaneously disregarding Presidents Barack Obama’s and William J. Clinton’s impotence and ineptitude regarding Russia during their watch, all the while ignoring the aggressive actions Mr. Trump is taking toward Russia.


Regarding Russian “meddling,” I have personally seen as much evidence of their election interference as I have of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The amount of evidence is about zero.


Yes, something happened because some embarrassing Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mails were revealed. However, I have not been shown a chain that leads to President Putin and President Trump. I’m sure it feels good to say: “Trump colluded.” To me it feels good to tell a child that Santa Claus will be visiting tonight.


The idiots are sure the Bush-era-Iraq-weapons-claim was a big lie to justify a war. The idiots are equally sure Mr. Putin directed election “meddling” and Mr. Trump was actively involved. The truth is somewhere. I just don’t see the evidence supporting the idiots’ positions, definitely not enough evidence to be as certain as the idiots.


To the idiots, there is no uncertainty, no nuance, and no confirmation bias. The truth is we are all biased, both the idiots and the intelligent. Some of us are aware of that fact, and we try to retain a little humility and caution to account for it. Idiots are oblivious to their biases.


The idiots apparently don’t understand the first thing about dealing with tyrants and dictators. When George Washington called for "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none," each of those “nations” was ruled by a dictator.


What alternative is the left proposing? What are the leftist presidential hopefuls saying they would do with Russia: Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders? Go to war? Disarm Europe like Mr. Obama did? Ignore the problem? Or do another Obama trick and say, “Now that I am president, the world has changed for the better” as Russian troops invade more territory? They offer nothing but submission to our opponents and subjugation of our citizens.


Actions speak louder than press conferences. President Trump, your president, is looking out for you. All of you. The hate is unwarranted.


The left would watch China and Russia expand their influence as Europe quite rapidly is subjugated by Islam. As Western Civilization dies, the left in Europe and America would police “hate speech” and oppress and silence those that would oppose the steady march toward Ronald Reagan’s thousand years of darkness.


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