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As Long as We Remember...

July 18, 2018

Not His Finest Hour

Patricia A. Kelly

Let’s begin by acknowledging that Monday’s joint press conference, featuring Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, was not Donald Trump’s finest hour. He once again left himself open to misinterpretation with his personally defensive responses and his after-meeting positivity toward the Russian President.


That said, his meeting with Mr. Putin, in control of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal outside the United States, was entirely appropriate. Russia, just like North Korea, is not going away anytime soon.


President Putin is certainly a self-interested thug and a criminal. Interestingly, the Democratic Party nominated a criminal for president in the 2016 election, and now they’re complaining about President Trump talking to one.


Donald Trump came on to the political scene intending to destroy the Deep State in the United States. The evidence of the existence of the Deep State is overwhelming. There is no other plausible explanation for decisions made by our government, from the complete failure to reform our immigration system to the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the 2016 presidential candidate.


No one really watching can possibly believe Democrat leaders were unaware of her personality flaws, or of her criminal behavior. “Vast right-wing conspiracy” has been her watchword throughout the years, from her defense of her husband’s philandering to her defense of her behavior as secretary of state, and her running of the Clinton Foundation.  It was her turn, though by some secret deal, and she was nominated. Bernie Sanders even went along, despite Democratic Party undermining of his campaign.


Mr. Trump is the biggest possible threat to this secret leadership team. That’s why, from day one, he has had a target on his back, and those gunning for him are powerful enough to manipulate society to get their way.  We can only pray that Mr. Trump succeeds in restoring government to the rule of law, and to what they call in Congress “regular order.” Truly representative government is long overdue.


Our president was elected because the “stupid” red state people sensed something was wrong with our government, and that they were not being represented. To this day, after being counted on to vote Democrat, ignored, and, now, demonized, they still support Donald Trump, as they know he is their best hope of cleaning things up.


Mr. Trump is flawed, of course. If you ask fundamentalist Christians why they still support this allegedly misogynist boor of a guy, they will tell you that God chooses flawed people to do his work. These Christians are not hypocrites at all.


The president is using the negotiating style of a real estate mogul. It’s not an accident that his enemies misunderstand this. Public twisting of his words helps them in their fight.


The endless effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency takes a toll on him, perhaps to the point of obsession. This delegitimization effort helps explain Trump’s words on Monday at the press conference, and his better-not-said mentions of American politics. Of course, it would have been better if his answer to the outrageous attempt by the press to get him to lambast President Putin at the press conference had been: “We discussed this at our meeting, and I have no further comment.” He couldn’t do it, though. He just had to fight back. That’s him.


President Trump wants to meet everyone. He wants to make a deal with everyone. He begins every attempt with offensive, snarky comments, as if he were contemplating the purchase of a building. “I’m interested, but this place is a dump. It’s going to cost me a fortune to fix it.” Then he moves into step two, meetings and negotiations. After that, it’s hugs all around, and positive comments and projections of future success in joint endeavors. No exception in the Putin meeting.


Mr. Putin wants what Mr. Trump wants – a deal. He wants to put the past behind him, have his crimes ignored, rejoin the mainstream world, and be respected. He wants American trade. He continuously attempts to dismiss every legitimate accusation against him with a story about what has happened in the United States, even comparing his murders to crime and violence in the United States. It may not have been noticed in the furor over President Trump, but he certainly “showed himself’ after the meeting.   He is proud and undoubtedly angry and resentful that so many have turned against him.


Another meeting, Trump style. Another few misspoken words, Trump style. Get over it. He’s our president, and a loyal American. All you supporters out there, speak up. Don’t let their demonization get to you.  Change is hard but couldn’t be more needed.


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