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As Long as We Remember...

July 12, 2018

Where Hopelessness Abounds

Harry M. Covert

Reconsidering “turmoil, time and trouble” and the evidence continues as “so so?” The obvious answer: “same old, same old,” or the reality of the age-old question “What’s New?”


As we all know there’s “nothing new under the sun.” It is in the middle of Summer and the warming of our elements is the same. In other words the climate change movement hasn’t altered the seasons. And won’t.


How many of us can recall the beautiful Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring? The delightful would-be Native American, née Indian, from Howdy Doody Time?


I write all of this because our turmoil in new forms are ongoing. Time marches on. Plus worldwide troubles still mount.


The same old losers and mischief makers continue creating angst. They love it. We can identify the miscreants because they pose as do-gooders. They can’t stand peace and quiet pleasant living. To our dismay, many of the pains in the posterior are known as loser political operatives. They constantly flaunt the idea they don’t know how to enjoy the state they are in.


A few days ago the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, hit the news with rampant civil unrest, protestors running amok, looting, smashing windows, burning stores and generally lawbreaking. The gripe this time was the government’s raising of gasoline prices. Let me assure readers, Haitians have solid complaints for their lots in life. It’s pathetic down there. Living is not like any place else in the world.


From my first visit in 1980 into others within the last two decades, the poorest nation still suffers beyond measure. If anything, conditions have never improved. Prospects for today and the future are worse.


Were it not for American churches, charitable organizations of all stripes, the people of Hispaniola would be even worse off.


Haiti’s one viable commodity when I first visited was manufacturing baseballs and softballs. They couldn’t keep up with the demand and other sports equipment companies jumped in the business. Port-au-Prince lost out forever, so did a few workers.


Just what have international groups like the United Nations done? Nothing to improve the island’s economic conditions. Zilch.


This week, U.S. Marines were sent to bolster the American Embassy. Airlines ceased flying in and out because of unsafe conditions.


Missionaries and relief workers were and are in serious danger. These people provide food, education and medical assistance above and beyond the call of duty. They never stop. They can’t because of the overwhelming needs.


I’ve reported on how many Haitians make “dirt cookies” as a way of income, selling them for pennies for one bite. They don’t taste like Oreos.


A school in Cite Soleil, in the midst of Port-au-Prince, feeds its students from preschool to 12th grade at least two meals daily, then an evening meal of beans and rice that includes their parents.


This is not an old story. Were it not for Christian churches, hunger would be worse than rampant.


How can such tragic people be rescued? I don’t know. The world is bamboozled by the plight, only providing band aids instead of solutions.


Entrepreneurs aren’t excited by any opportunities in Haiti. They are few and far between. The Haitian work force is not able to perform en masse. Government leaders are incompetent and have been for decades.


My heart still hurts for the people. All the nincompoops who think their lives are so bad in the U.S. should be forced to immigrate to the island which Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is not a “land of opportunity.” For shame.



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