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As Long as We Remember...

July 10, 2018

SCOTUS & Miracle of Tham Luang

Harry M. Covert

My intention for this soliloquy was to talk about the coming new look of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Because of a deadline, it was impossible to predict the next associate justice.


Quite naturally the weekend warriors were in full swing making stabs as to “The Choice” in reshaping SCOTUS. I normally don’t like to use abbreviations. But why not? How thrilling it’s been to see, hear and read MOTUS non-stop gas-bagging on the precious public airways and in the printed pages.


MOTUS? That’s easy and simple: “Media of the United States.” Preferably for this scribe is the Fourth Estate. Possibly this adds some class to the profession.


The week will be a busy one for news fiends. It’s pick and choose your medicine. For sure, the new justice selection won’t come from Maryland, Virginia or Pennsylvania, or even from numerous southern court benches.


Maryland’s last selections were Roger Brooke Taney, the fifth Chief Justice, and Thomas Johnson. Virginia’s most recent was Lewis J. Powell, Jr., a Richmond Democrat appointed by Richard Nixon. He served from 1971-1987.


Chief Justice Taney served 28 years and penned the abhorred Dred Scott decision. In today’s world, his statues around the Free State have been removed from display on public properties. I’ll not dredge up the history at this moment.


Former Maryland Governor Johnson served 163 Days, shortest of any justice in history.


I had planned to recommend several judges to No. 45. He was ahead of the game, though, and already had 25 candidates in mind, had them vetted and not one from MOTUS law school eminents.


The president certainly was geared up for the occasion of his second appointment. He set his announcement for 9 o’clock Monday night in prime MOTUS time. And then off he goes to his international foray with world leaders, who some promote as being scared to death of their face-to-face sessions. As cynical as this may appear, to borrow an old slogan again, “Daddy has come home.” It’ll be fun to watch the edginess of world leaders. They’ll fall into line.


A new day has been on the horizon for some time now. It’s been due and rather exciting. Everybody is paying attention.


Now, the real great news. We can now talk about honest-to-goodness heroes. Not politicians of any sort, nor sports figures, nor entertainment aficionados.


All eyes of late have been on the heroes in Thailand, the divers and Thai Navy Seals and all first responders, who have figured ways to rescue 11 soccer playing teenagers and their 25-year-old coach stuck in caves. So far, in a miraculous recovery as of this writing, eight youngsters have been rescued, four to be freed.


They have been a mile underground with threatening waters and coming monsoon preventing rescue. Thai Seals, many trained in the U.S., and others from around the world designed how to free them.


The boys and coach were somewhat spelunking, cave exploring, several weeks ago, when life threatening events enveloped them.


Adventures come in many forms. The only spelunking from my experience was to the Luray Caverns of Virginia. I learned about stalactites and stalagmites. I don’t think the Thai athletes will be studying caving anymore.


The rescuers are absolutely heroes. They give definite meanings if and when we refer to “heroes” from other events. The professionalism, expertise and training are evident from the miracle in six-mile Tham Luang cave in the Doi Nang Non mountain range.


Bless them.


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