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As Long as We Remember...

July 6, 2018

The Cry “Enough Is Enough” is Coming

Harry M. Covert

For some time now predictions have been circulating that another civil war is on the horizon. Yes, the USofA is transitioning again to “We the People.”


Two days following The Glorious Fourth, it’s appropriate to recall how the nation began with the remarkable successful revolution.


Will all those involved in wanting open borders and beating their breasts to accept illegal invaders take a lesson from the heroism of 1776? There’s much to emulate from the continental days.


So far the unrest trying to pick up steam is rather stupid, ignorant and merely thinking their merry bands of supporters are making headway. They figure that vast support for their actions are gaining ground around the nation. Be serious!


Sounds good for those haters of the country. Always the silent majority holds the winning cards, no polls. To date protesting at various spots enjoy media coverage, giving the impression another civil war is eminent. I doubt that very much.


The ill-mannered conduct being seen against public officials may look as great exercises in free speech and movement to street war and unrest. To date, they are agitators looking for five minutes of alleged fame.


The federal government has lots of ways to quell riots or unrest if such things continue. A century ago the Sedition Act became the Espionage Act. It’s no longer law, but it should be a reminder for today’s polarized society. In those days it forbade the use of "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces, or that caused others to view the American government, or its institutions with contempt.


Contempt is running amok these days, for sure. But not in the numbers citizens may be led to believe.


Law and order reign supreme in the Land of Liberty. The tool of martial law is available.


The 242nd birthday year celebration was a monumental success as always. It was a joy to watch historical movies as The Patriot, part of the miniseries John Adams and Gettysburg.


Not for one nano-second will another revolution or War Between the States result. No, I’m not naive on the subject. I’m a realist. Troublemakers, lawbreakers, so-called resisters and the non-progressive progressives are heading for disaster. They are inviting uprisings from patriots who will flatly say, enough. That day is on the horizon.


The modern day millennials are in no way in the class of the colonials. They keep hiding behind the guarantees of free speech and public assembly. Consider for a moment they are fortunate the general public is allowing their conduct without verbal or generally physical defense.


Take some time for visits to places of honor – Gettysburg, Manassas, Valley Forge, Colonial Williamsburg, Fort Sumter, and Arlington National Cemetery. This list goes on.


How many times do we say it’s rather easy to forget or ignore history? Protest can be acceptable, but offensive behavior is dangerous. Offendees will get the upper hand. Actually they have it already.


Ask yourself, dining with the family and as you enjoy that steak or seafood or ice cream and a slob imposes yelling, screaming and finger-pointing. A little pepper spray could bring tranquility.


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