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June 29, 2018

Donít Boycott; Visit

Ken Kellar

If you learn of a restaurant that denies service based on political belief, go there with as many friends as you can gather and get some tables.


Show up in groups of four. Don’t protest. Don’t wear political paraphernalia. Don’t complain. Just get seated. When asked what you’d like to drink say, “nothing right now,” or maybe order a complimentary glass of water. When asked what you’d like, tell the server you were so caught up in conversation you forgot to look at the menu. Later, when asked if you’ve decided say, “not quite yet.”


Stay until you are asked to leave. Then leave. Your protest is complete.


Why do what I just suggested? I think it’s a superior to boycotting. Restaurants like The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, that just ousted Sarah Huckabee Sanders for working for our president as press secretary might make you angry, but they thrill the heck out of devoted leftists. Boycotting a restaurant located in a leftist bastion is useless. I’m sure The Red Hen owner is a local hero now and will be rewarded with increased business in response to her hateful and intolerant behavior.


So, visit the place in silent protest. Take up a table for five, 10 maybe 30 minutes until asked to leave. Restaurants need to fill tables and move people through their dining room to make money. Your protest will be successful even if you order a paltry item or two. Your purchase of iced tea or an appetizer displaced a table full of people ordering full dinners and drinks for four who were not seated because of you.


Pretty soon, if enough people do this at a place of intolerance, the staff may be tempted to start interviewing or screening potential patrons. Things could get interesting.


Obviously this won’t work at a restaurant that is not filled to capacity. To work, your visit must displace a well-paying patron. If this is done for a couple weekends at a restaurant that only gets weekend crowds, a real impact could be felt. So, go to a restaurant that doesn’t discriminate and meet up at the hate restaurant afterwards, with a full belly, for an après dinner discussion.


The left is getting “progressively” more hateful and rabid all while the right remains civil and law abiding. Hollywood is blacklisting actors, not for communism, but for conservatism. Universities are screening out conservative professor candidates. A Democrat congresswoman is calling for physical violence against her political opponents.


I think we need to do more than vote and polish our guns waiting for Armageddon. A silent restaurant sit-in would be a civil and legal form of protest that might just have some impact on those filled with so much irrational hate.


Protest effectively; but be careful out there!


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