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As Long as We Remember...

June 27, 2018

The Primary is over

Patricia A. Kelly

It’s over, whether you like the results or not. It might be more than time to take stock of what has been happening in our political world of late.


We all know that civility has gone out the window nationally. Today at the polls while working for candidates, I was accosted by a man who, expressing sarcastic sympathy for my belonging to the Republican Party, proceeded to berate President Donald Trump for separating children from their families, as if Mr. Trump had made the laws that require children to be kept in a minimally restrictive environment when their parents are charged with a crime. Drowning out any attempt at a genuine dialog, he followed so many down the rabbit hole of hateful rhetoric.


When it comes to legislation, this behavior makes it almost impossible to get any law passed unless your side has a significant majority. You might sympathize with a passionate or offensive speaker, but whether you like it or not, such talk arouses anger in others. Anger makes it extremely difficult to move forward to a genuine, issue-based conversation.


Just imagine, if you can’t remember those times, negotiating in Congress and then going out for drinks or dinner with your opponent that same evening. What would it be like if our leaders actually brought non-partisan information or statistics to the table and agreed to work together to come up with laws fair to all? Is it possible that most people don’t want this?


Now the vitriol is increasing. When Trump Administration employees and appointees, and their families, are being harassed on their personal time, whether in restaurants or in their own homes, things have gone too far.


Normal, sane people can agree to disagree, and make attempts to work things out. Now, after the picture of President Trump’s severed head, another fine entertainment star has suggested that the president’s son, an American citizen whose family is not under arrest for violation of any law, be removed from his family and placed in a facility such as some that exist at the border.


Even silly Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a supposed leader, has encouraged extremely hateful and inappropriate behavior.


We must have laws to provide some reliable structure in society. Without a blueprint, fairness to all is impossible.


Unfortunately, not only the Democrats, but even congressional Republicans refuse to come together for the benefit of our nation. Conservatives and moderates alike would rather stand on their pedestals of righteousness than negotiate together to make things work for the country they’ve been hired to serve.


Locally, things are every bit as bad. Some politicians have no boundaries in what they will do to win an election, from unethical outing of their opponents’ personal lives, to pretending to care about people they don’t care about, to notifying the news media whenever an opponent says something that can be misinterpreted.


Here in the local Republican Party, there is a virtual schism, complete with high melodrama, behind the scenes manipulations, blatant lies, gossip, and even refusal to cooperate with activities beneficial to all because they are managed by the “wrong” Republican group.


Some, even group leaders, won’t talk to certain others. Even some innocent new candidates struggle to figure out how to keep a connection with all Republicans in this county. Some, as do some politicians from all parties, engage in unethical efforts while seeking office. Others, hungry for local power, undermine with gossip and innuendo. This is a disgrace, and ill serves the people of this county. We deserve better.


The primary is over now. Lay down your weapons. It’s not about you. It’s not even about the Republican Party, per se. It’s about bringing the best ideas and the best people to the forefront, both as candidates and the public arena.


Let’s all get together in one headquarters, as one Party, and bring the best we have to offer to the people of Frederick County.


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