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As Long as We Remember...

June 18, 2018

It's All Coming Together

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

It took a while. For the longest time, the true appeal of Donald Trump escaped me. Where others saw a challenge to the status quo, I saw a fundamental lack of qualification. Where others saw business savvy, I saw a basketful of bovine excrement. Where others saw celebrity status, I saw a narcissist on steroids. Where others saw a conservative firebrand, I saw a former liberal Democrat, one that defended the principle of eminent domain, was pro-abortion and anti-gun.


The fundamental underpinning of my view of the 45th President hasn't really changed. What has changed is the political reality surrounding the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Oh, he's still a narcissist, probably bigger than before. He still preens in front of cameras, and undoubtedly wants to be loved by everyone. He's loud, crass, and he obsesses over seemingly meaningless cultural trivia.


But, boy, does he send his opponents into conniption fits.


His list of opponents is huge. It's also utterly predictable.


We begin with Democrats. Not all Democrats, mind you, but most. There are definite classes of people within the Democratic Party who align with President Trump's views, especially rust-belt and coal country voters. They helped elect him, and are likely going to again.


But pretty much every other blue state and urban center Democrat is already planning to early vote in 2020, and would vote for any name on the ballot other than Trump. Democrats elected to the Congress see their anti-Trump advocacy as a sort of crusade, a fight to the death.


Next up, the Democrat media machine, meaning every major news on television or in print, except for the handful of moderate or conservative leaning outlets. Having surrendered any semblance of fairness while carrying former President Barack Obama's water, the main stream media have made Donald J. Trump a target of scorn since he dethroned their chosen Queen, Hillary Clinton.


President Trump's next most fervent opposition is potentially the most dangerous. Called by many names, the Establishment, or deep-state, refers to those who hold the perpetual strings of power within the government well-below the level of presidential appointees or elected officials.


These people are the perma-frost layer of the federal government, and they're burrowed deep within the agencies in which they serve. Intelligence, Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, the diplomatic corps and Defense. In fact, they're found throughout the federal bureaucracy. Regardless of the President's policy agenda, these unelected bureaucrats can (and do) leak, lie and manipulate the outcomes to sway public opinion.


Next comes the Never Trump Republicans. Many high-profile GOP elected officials decided long ago that their best path forward was to oppose the Trump Administration agenda. Some did so because Donald Trump blew them out of the GOP primary waters in 2016. Sens. Rand Paul (KY) and Marco Rubio (FL) fall into this category, along with Ohio's John Kasich and Utah's Mitt Romney, former governors with national political aspirations.


A slew of other federal legislators also wanted no part of the Trump agenda, like Arizona Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain. Senator Flake is retiring, probably because he can read the tea leaves in Arizona. Senator McCain probably has the most genuine reason to dislike the president, as he was deeply offended when his status as a POW during the Vietnam crisis was criticized during the 2016 campaign.


Finally, the Trump agenda is under assault from the very societal group that gave him to us in the first place, the entertainment universe. From professional sports, film, music, television, literature, theater and visual arts, these people can be counted on to be the most vocal and consistent critics of the White House.


Since Americans, generally, are so vapid and celebrity-struck, these celebrity spokespeople take on a role far beyond their skill and ability. Examples such as famed actor Robert DeNiro, cursing and spewing the vilest rhetoric at award shows, and the boatload of dim-witted talking heads on ABC's The View provide all the proof necessary. There are too many others to mention.


To suggest that President Trump hasn't accomplished anything of value over the last year-and-a-half is just an outright lie, a lie that is perpetuated by the news media, the celebri-spokespeople, and late night comedians.


A rational thinker would see far-reaching benefits from the likes of:

·         Wide scale business deregulation;

·         Job-creating tax cuts;

·         The historic opening to the North Korean regime;

·         Rebuilding and restructuring the US military to focus on known threats;

·         Moving the US Embassy in Israel to the city of Jerusalem, as promised by every President (Democrat & Republican) since the 1980's;

·         Protection of the U.S. border;

·         Reexamining U.S. military commitments worldwide;

·         Requiring U.N. countries to fairly share the security and operational cost burden of the alliance; and

·         Rebalancing trade agreements around the globe to protect US investment & jobs.


So, maybe now it's a little clearer.


Maybe now the reasons so many are fervent in their support of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, is more obvious. So is the motivation of his opponents, no matter which opposition demographic they happen to fit within.


He's far from perfect, maybe even from great, but he seems to have a handle on the job.


Despite his lack of convention and predictability, his record of accomplishment is already more impressive than some of his predecessor's first years in office. After all, we didn't vote for Mr. Congeniality, Mr. Compassion, or Mr. Compromise.


We voted for a constitutional chief executive who would uphold his oath to preserve, protect and defend our Nation.


For me, it's all coming together.


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