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As Long as We Remember...

June 15, 2018

The media values war games. Who knew?

Ken Kellar

President Barack Obama unilaterally stopped the plans to install defensive missiles in Poland receiving nothing from the beneficiary, Russia.


Then President Obama chided Mitt Romney for concerns about Russia. “The 80’s want their foreign policy back.” All this occurred while Russia still maintained a massive nuclear arsenal. Then Russia invaded the Ukraine. It still is there.


President Donald Trump met with the dictator of North Korea, and, in response to positive initial results, he has stopped war games with South Korea while maintaining all economic sanctions and warning more to come should the dictator waiver.


Now CNN, et al, are up in arms about the president giving way too much to North Korea. In the meantime, the skies over Korea and Japan are missile free.


President Trump is dangling a massive carrot in front of Kim Jong Un. That carrot is called prosperity. He is inviting North Korea to join the rest of the planet.


North Korea is so poor that the simplest of trade agreements could immensely benefit the denizens of that backward place. A few new factories built in North Korea and operated by South Korean companies (or others) offering dirt-cheap wages might be a major step up for North Korea’s citizens.


There is no need to send welfare payments to help the people of North Korea. President Trump is offering the gift that keeps giving – trade. A good business transaction results in all parties winning. There is much work ahead, but Mr. Trump’s proposal promises to be a win/win.


President Trump deserves thanks for taking a major political risk for the sake of peace and prosperity.


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