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As Long as We Remember...

June 12, 2018

Mr. Trumpís Singapore Sling

Harry M. Covert

In preparation for this historic day, it was appropriate to look back 68 years and refresh memories from the Korean War, not in the least a police action.


It is an insult to describe the 1950 invasion other than war. Of course, some like to say it was a United Nations effort with Americans leading the way. This is disgustingly feel good history for allies of sorts.


The important story today comes from Singapore where President Donald Trump is meeting the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. It pains me to call him anything other than a bully. I’ve read and heard No.45 described that way by pantywaists, wimps and haters. He’s anything but. In fact, the matter of the ceasefire at the 38th parallel separating north and south has stood since June 25, 1953. Mr. Trump is settling the score.


All Americans should go back and watch the PBS special “The Chosin Reservoir.” Learn something about this horror that may finally come to an end.


Personally, I’d love to see President Trump, when he meets face-to-face with Kim Jong Um to just reach over and belt the living daylights out of the shrimp.


All right, don’t get excited! I know that’s not diplomatic. It sure would be an attention-getter, though.


President Trump first should require the North Koreans to repay the costs of the war. The U.S. spent $30 billion in money, an equivalent to $341 billion in today’s currency.


What about the costs in American lives? A Pentagon report says there were 36,914 military men and women who died. Some 7,704 soldiers and Marines are still missing.


I know several veterans who survived the Chosin Reservoir battle. Heroes, for sure.


I also recall vividly the day in Miss Frances Strohecker’s geography class. The loud speaker boomed announcing the death of a recent graduate. He was a young Marine.


Just why should Mr. Trump be anything but the strong arm today in his summit? Why should the United States put up with nuclear threats anywhere? At the moment, give the North Korean’s one chance today. Diplomacy over the Korean peninsula hasn’t brought about an official end to the war. Make them do it today, along with destruction of any nuclear efforts.


Kim Jong Un can’t even pay his own expenses to Singapore. He had to fly in aboard a Chinese plane. He starves his people and threatens the world but no “gettin’ around shekels.”


He’d better grow up today after meeting a strong-willed determined American president, our commander-in-chief.


There’ve been ramblings of merging the North with the South. That’s rather unlikely. It would only work if the South Koreans take over with Kim and his cronies removed.


If the U.S. must be the world’s policeman, and it is surely obvious it must be, wannabes like Kim, must cry uncle, specifically Uncle Sam. Maybe it’s time to remove Ronald Reagan’s executive order 12333, preventing political assassination(s).


It’s more appropriate that penalties are paid by foreign adversaries with their assets instead of American blood and money.


Excitement will reach great heights today before the Singapore proceedings end. Lessons will be learned for sure. Whatever stature on the world scene the North Korean thinks he may have achieved, his head is swirling. If not, he probably can’t find it.


And, Mr. Trump is a teetotaler but he is a “slinger.”


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